Elks' OL Matt O'Donnell announces retirement

EDMONTON — One of the best to wear Green and Gold over the last decade, offensive lineman Matt O’Donnell announced his retirement Thursday.

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Where did the time go? I remember this time when I had heard about him. That's one huge dude.

I wonder what spurred the decision?

The growing aches and pains run on their own time too.

Maybe the leaks that Korte is almost certainly signing with Edmonton did it. O'Donnell was one of the guys who showed up to show support for Jones at his presser & I assumed he was coming back. But he also probably knows the likelihood of going to the Grey Cup is more than one year away so now's as good a time as any.

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Thanks Matt, for many years of entertainment. You represented yourself and your team well.

I think he just ticked all the boxes in his career and did the smart thing and got out when the time was right for him and he was still whole and healthy. I am guessing seeing SirVincent around the club over the last season may have had to do with his decision.

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100 % agree.

I'll always remember, 2013 or 2014, Sask at Edmonton. Riders intercepted a pass and somehow I remember it was Diamond Ferri returning the ball, so he either picked it off or it was lateralled to him. Anyways some huge guy wearing 66 totally decked the guy, knocked the crap out of him, making the tackle at full speed up the sideline. It was just 'boom' on his back. Hit him like a freight train. :+1: Ferri did not get up.

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Oh and here it is, Week 1 2013.


That was one helluva hit. It also reminded me how much I miss Cuthbert.

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Oh wow thanks for the memories. I remember we were watching that game and commenting live here too and in absolute astonishment at the load leveled right there!

Somebody To Ferri: "What was the number on that bus?"
Ferri: "Starship"