Elks OL Colin Kelly to miss the start of 2021 season

EDMONTON — Edmonton Elks offensive lineman Colin Kelly will miss the start of the 2021 CFL season.

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Running out of tackles - first Dennis, then Richards decided to sit out & Draheim thinking about it as well. Now Kelly. With the 4 Rider injuries & Kelly I wonder if we're going to see a lot of this. Players have been away for 20 months now.

I think these guys who are getting injured just before training camp is unfortunate for them. But you have to wonder if they are injuried now just how much did they work out over the off season. I figure if they just in the last month or two (with little or no workout prior) started working out and not building up to it over many months then no wonder they get injuried. To stay in top shape an individual needs to work out every day with proper warmups, not suddenly start lifting 200 - 250 lb bar bells weeks befor training camp, in hopes of getting into peak form in time for Football season. Tearing of a peck musscle sounds like over doing it without proper gradual warm ups.

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