Elks offence gets a boost with arrival of Derel Walker

After months of waiting and talking about it, fans of the Edmonton Elks finally got to see Derel Walker back on the field for their team.

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Ohhhhh baby it just looks right having DW back in green and gold. I'm adjusting to having thirty years of merch that is basically nothing now :roll_eyes: I'm 36 and still have the pennant my dad bought me in 1990. Call em whatever you want I'm super stoked to get my beloved EE back on the field. Hurry up with the merch already! I live in BC now and I'm dying to get my hands on some elks gear for me and my toddler! Cause guess what he's gonna be a lifelong EE fan just like his daddy. THE GREEN AND GOLD IS BOLD

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Awwww yea baby let's goooo. Got my tickets for this season and I. Am. PUUUUMPED for some 3 down football and seeing the glorious locks of Grymes and Walker flyin around out there. Elks charge let's goooo whoooo