Elks move Trevor Harris to six-game injured list

EDMONTON β€” Edmonton Elks quarterback Trevor Harris is headed to the six-game injured list.

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Bad news for Elks fans, neck injuries can be serious stuff. Let's hope for a quick recovery, Elks are already in a hole in the west, & their back-ups have pretty limited experience(ie: I've never heard of them)

I'm sorry to hear that. I was hoping we'd play Edmonton at their best. :weary:

Nahhhhhhh which qb is next to get gutted by the stamps

:eyes: :moneybag:
WPG plays EDM 3 of their next 4 games

The Elks have 2 bye weeks in the next 6 weeks
Do they count as Games??

Not at all I’m actually happy to see another QB in Edmonton maybe they can actually win some games , Harris is brutal

Why would they count as games ? It’s a 6 game injury list not a 6 week injury list , if they want to save the whole 6 games from the salary camp

Hate to tell you but he's the best you've got. Maybe the back-ups will step up to the plate, but I'd be surprised if they can wrestle the starters job from him.

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Who is the backup? Cornelius or Prokop?

Well they can’t get any worse and they have Dakota Prukup who has experience than Taylor Cornelius who was decent in XFL

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I don't know. I bet a lot of people are asking that. I had to go to their listed roster just to see who they had. I hope Elizondo knows(lol).

YIKES. Terrible news for EE.

Terrible news for the Esks - and their great fans, of course. Especially after the early season covid-19 debacle. Now this!
I suspect Edmonton is making inquiries around the land to see who they can pluck from existing CFL rosters.

My guesses - Matt Nichols looms large on such lists. Nichols has experience/games in Edmonton so he wouldn't be treading into hostile territory. Ottawa needs to dump Nichols - he's useless in the current Ottawa system. Getting a draft pick + maybe a neg-list player would be something for the RedBlacks. Lets see if Marcel Desjardins can pull such a heist off.
If not - waiting for the next decent NFL cut. Hope it isn't Chris Streveler. Winnipeg still has eyes for him!

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This injury to Trevor Harris will either make or break their season. The Elks season now is in the fate of Dakota Prokop ? I hope Trevor Harris is able to resume his football career again. Since Week 6 we have lost 2 starting Pivots-Dane Evans and Trevor Harris and Cody Fajardo ? for Week 7. :fearful:

P.S. Win or Lose I will never stop supporting my Edmonton Eskimos-now Elks :joy:

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Maybe, Steveler has moved down to 3rd string in Arizona from being the number 2 backup. As 3rd string he likely has zero chance of getting into a game this year.

Harris has never been a proven starter. Not with Ottawa ... not with Edmonton. Edmonton's GM, (X Ottawa assistant GM) plucked him from Ottawa cause it was easy.

Even a #3 NFL QB gets a salary higher than any current CFL starter. I'm sure if Arizona cuts Chris Streveler and gives him a salary buyout - Chris will be in Canada very quickly. Having an extra million stashed in his fur coat will give him near lifelong security - these are his prime years. Playing football, being on the field - kicking butt, taking names thats what Streveler is all about. Winnipeg would sign him in a heartbeat - maybe 3 years at $125k - $150k per anum, use him as their backup QB, backup WR/RB & special teams. The guy is incredibly versatile. Plus, he's universally loved in the Peg. Just another hobo in Phoenix.

Each and every win right now is gravy. I predict the upset on Saturday night.

This is a short season, and at this point either you have some decent game or you just grind it up and let the chips fall where they may.

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I never count a victory until the game is over.
On my sport select tix I picked a tie! I can't bet against my Bombers.

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You are a good sportsman and a gentleman and perhaps a scholar plus you have some good jokes too.

Either this game will be a blowout by the Blue Bombers and then fans of the Elks like me might as well head back to the bar and make it a double for the next one, or the surprise I anticipate will be at hand and if so I will explain later why I made this prediction.