Elks leave LB Diggs, DE Lemon off final roster

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Elks finalized their roster on Thursday afternoon and introduced two significant free agents to the market at the same time.

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They'll be picked up by somebody. Riders should definitely be in the market for Lemon & Diggs. Maybe bring Thaddeus Coleman back for insurance. McCormick on Rider Rumblings seemed to say Dickensen wasn't sure who his LB crew were. Lemon is better than any DE they have on the roster IMO. Question is, if Elks let these guys go, how good are the young guns replacing them? Thorpe is good working with younger guys so they gotta have pretty good depth to let them go. When was the last time any team had 2 Nationals start @ both DE positions?

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Shawn Lemon is a surprise cut, but then he is 32 years old, maybe slowing down and out of condition after a year off.

Brent Johnson and Ricky Foley in BC, but yea that was a while ago. Like 2010?

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That's my point. It's been awhile.

Would not be surprised to see one of Casher or Lemon back in Calgary. Another team that could use some help in that area. Cordarro Law is also 32 & doesn't have the stats Lemon has.

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Lemon = baggage. Proven many times over. Anyone who is interested has to really need him.

Derek Taylor on Reginas Sportscage waxed poetic on Lemon & REALLY wants the Roughies to sign him. Don't know if that's your team Prairiedog but there you have it.

Lemon has tailed off a bit the last couple seasons but sometimes getting cut is the kick in the pants an older vet might need. If he gets picked up he may use this as motivation and turn in a decent season for someone. Surprised about Diggs though, Elks must have some good young lbs ready to step in.

Lemon must be running out of options now that the Elkimos have cut him too.

Let's see ... he's had stints in BC Calgary, Edmonton, Sask, Peg, Toronto and Ottawa. He's basically the Kevin Glenn of the rush ends, except that it took Glenn like 20 years and Lemon what 8?

I think you're right. I was listening to the Sportscage & the thinking there is what's going on in Edmonton? Without pre-season games you may have young players who practice well but it's a different story when the lights go on. I agree. But if you're talking about the Elks making a mistake by ignoring the veterans, why rave about all the new guys coming in on the Riders? They may have players @RT, LB, DE on that squad as well as Returner who haven't started a CFL game. Beyond the top 3 import receivers, the total CFL experience of the imports on the roster is one game. Yet a lot of these new guys get glowing reviews based upon practice, not game experience. The Elks are still loaded with lots of veterans. On the DL Boateng, Ceresna & Moore are all coming into their 3rd-5th years in the league & had 25 sacks between them. All are 27 or younger but not inexperienced. Is replacing the 32 year old Lemon with an up & comer a problem? Diggs was a rookie last year so how much experience is lost there? I think it's overblown. I'm sure there are some teams, hello Riders, who could use help on DL & LB & should have interest in them. Good for them if they pick them up. But most teams are going to have a few rookies starting in place of veterans. I don't see a problem here.