Elks land their LB: Nyles Morgan extends through '24

EDMONTON — Nyles Morgan has inked an extension that will keep the linebacker with the Edmonton Elks through 2024.

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Great news for Elk fans. Morgan led the league in tackles/game with 6.83. When healthy one of the best. Only played 6 games - when Morgan played the Elks allowed 529 yds - 88 yds/game rushing. When he was out, they allowed 1614 yds - 134.5 yds/game rushing.

The Elks aren't as bad as they looked last year. A lot of key players, especially on D, missed a lot of time. Ceresna only played 12 games. I'm very interested to see how they do this year, especially on D, a big area of concern last year.

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Yep. And there are others at linebacker that were hurt as well.

Appolon never made it to regular season.

I'm guessing with additional coaching this year we will for sure be better.....