Elks Injury Report: Armanti Edwards a full participant on Sun.

TORONTO — The Edmonton Elks have shared their first injury report of the week, ahead of their game on Friday against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

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How on earth does this team have such an awful record? Is it the coach, GM, Team name, the players, the Offence, the Defence, the Fans...What is happening? A receiving core like this is a QB dream!

Not an Elks fan, but I think the Coach Elizondo and the X-QB Harris were the problems. Harris is gone now but Elizondo still calls the plays as HC, Offensive Co-ordinator & QB coach. Maybe Backup QB Cornelius can accomplish better with all those star receivers to throw to. But he needs time to establish a relationship with his team mates and time is running out. However I seriously think changes at the top (HC ?? & GM ??) is badly needed as well. Since this season is actually over for the ELKs it's time to begin thinking about implementation of the necessary changes. As Ottawa are going to be looking for a new GM & possible HC. But then again, I'm not an ELK fan.

Elizondo won a Grey Cup in Ottawa, then in 2019 quit on short notice and left very abruptly. Obviously knows how to win but maybe he is not a head coach? Has done very well as an OC. Maybe he and Campbell didn't hit it off?

Now Ottawa has fired their GM who won a lot of games during those same years...has the CFL changed and these guys can't adapt? Just wait, next year Harris will be back in Ottawa, Lol!

2 wins is good? His experience on the collage tennis team really set him up for success in a football career.