Elks host Roughriders in Week 1 finale in Edmonton

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Elks will welcome the Saskatchewan Roughriders to Commonwealth Stadium on Sunday night to close out the Week 1 schedule.

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Go Riders

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Go Esks Go
Beat the wheat
As a lifelong Esks fan , I don’t like our chances of beating the riders in this one , but we seriously need to end this home losing streak , hoping it’s today but having my doubts , any other predictions ? I’m going 29-22 riders

Pretty sure the Elk will be much improved from last season right out of the gate.
However the Riders are looking to be much improved too.
This should be a good game for both of us to see.
It is a long season and the first game is always nice to win. But only one team will see that happen. The good thing for our teams is that the stamps are looking to be not very good at all so far compared to what they habitually are.
Your predicted score looks good to me. I am sure your fellow Elk fans will have stuff to say about that prediction tho😊

As a Tiger-Cat fan, I will be watching with keen interest Steven Dunbar who I regard as the best of the young receivers. In addition, Coach Jones has been in the league for a while developing as a charismatic leader who piques my interest in the success of the Edmonton Elks.

Would be terrible to cancel this game due to air quality


So the schedule makers give the Riders a Sunday game followed 4 days later with a Friday game. That us just so typical.

Every team goes through a version of this during the year. Some actually play Sunday and then Thursday like the Redblacks between weeks 7 and 8. That’s 4 days. At least the Riders have 5 days and I doubt it would matter if they had 5 weeks.