Elks guarantee home opener win against the Riders

well this could backfire quite spectacularly lol

on one hand good to see them trying to get more fans back, but not sure this incentive is the way to do it.

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They have hit a rough patch and haven’t been getting good crowds for a while. They are just trying to drum up business and I don’t take it seriously or take offence. I doubt other teams will as well. The former Als managing owner did the same thing on Twitter and I don’t think that really bothered anyone. It probably has a very good chance of backfiring as a lot of these types of things do as you say.


50/50 not much of a gamble


70 30 in favor of the Elk. Possibly better.

This is a good challenge for the new OC in Sask., Jeffrey. Jones knows nothing about him so will be tough to have a strategy to stop his tendencies. Gives Jeffrey a chance to go up against the supposed great defensive strategist right off the hop.

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how to say without knowing personnel?

Gut feeling ... Been wrong before hope I am again too🙂

We know who the coaches are

What a dumb article to even post when free agency is coming in February 2023

I can’t see Jones even endorsing this

Damn you Elks. I wrote the Lions a week ago and encouraged a guaranteed win Night to help promote local ethnic restaurants. Stealing my thunder! :crazy_face:


Maybe they are hoping to get some tickets under the trees of long lost Elks fans.

Does anyone recall Mr. Cui guaranteeing that they would 4 games in a row this past season. That didn’t go so well, but let’s hope this works. They need a home win. If they don’t win, it’ll put more fannies in the seats, in section P1 anyway for at least a couple of games. I hope for their sake, it’s not 9. If they do win, then the skies the limit.

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Go Riders.

we need all the help you can offer


Edmonton avg attendance 23.7K, third best in the league in 2022. On average 5k less than Winnipeg.

Unfortunately the stats don't tell you about "no shows". Also the place looks more than half empty with 23.7k. we have the same issue at BC Place.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's my understanding that the Edmonton Elks are not necessarily guaranteeing a win against the Saskatchewan Roughriders for their 2023 home opener on June 11. But rather that when you purchase certain tickets, you'll own those tickets for as many games as it takes for the Elks to win at Commonwealth Stadium. Hence "Guaranteed Win Tickets."

On Tuesday, the Elks launched a limited number of “guaranteed win tickets” to their regular season home opener on Sunday, June 11.
A limited number of P1 section sections tickets will be sold as “guaranteed win tickets” that, when purchased, entitle the customer to that same ticket for no additional charge for every game until the Elks secure a home victory that season.
If Edmonton were to lose to the Riders on June 11, fans who purchase these tickets would get the same seat at their next home game, a June 25 matchup with the defending Grey Cup champion Toronto Argonauts, free of charge. They would keep getting those tickets until the Elks finally delivered a home win.

Quoted directly from the article. I see this as not meaning any disrespect towards the Riders. But a smart marketing tactic to try to attract more fans in Edmonton. Fans will be getting their money's worth one way or another with this promotion. You're either treated to a much needed home victory on the first purchase, which in itself would be great, or get to watch at least one or more games for free if they continue to lose. Sounds good to me.


That is quite a different bowl of fruit.
On a side not, I recall a play off game in Regina where the home team had to pay for the flight for a certain west coast team to attend the game, The home team won of course. I also recall a certain Grey cup on the West coast that had such poor ticket sales Safeway was giving away tickets with a 5 dollar purchase two days before the game. It was the only way the BC ownership of that time could put seats in the stadium purchased from the locals...no not kidding both these things actually happened to the BC Lions.

Seems like a good way to reduce revenues even more than typical if the team is bad...

I thought that the Bombers were going to win the Grey Cup! So, you never say never. let's let the play on field decide this outcome.


true but also depends on how much people spend on merch, food etc. The Elks were also practically giving away tickets last year anyways.