Elks fire Presson, Sunderland and Elizondo

Wally was right about going outside the organization in BC imo. Proven by the inept showing of the past year.

Obvious that the office under absentee owner Braley was a disfunctional workplace and undermined the changes he made to the point of a second overhaul in three years of football operations.

Only once they got the job they found out there was more to it. Enough said. We'll see what the new guy does.


Oh....i took you seriously at first. I see you were just joking.

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It is cumulative, this team has been losing fans since the Maciocia era for a variety of reasons.

Catered meals as well. Bombers are fortunate to have the facility they do where they can focus on training and nutrition. Similar strategy to Central Red Army for player development. Lucky to not have to pay for it.


The biggest one of which is - the Elks have not been this bad consistently since the 1960's. Which is when my dad became a season ticket holder. I think in Clarke it was Row 7, about the 45 yard line. Prime seats. I think he told me you could pretty much choose where you wanted to sit at the time because there were so few season ticket holders.

If Michigan gets beat today, look for Jim Harbaugh to be hoping here's a candidate for the Elks' job.

Advance to the 1:36 mark in the video

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