Elks fire Presson, Sunderland and Elizondo

Black Monday is here and the gavel has fallen big time.

The organization needs a major shake up on and off the field.

Whatever limits there we're on the ops cap must be minimal compared to the fallout from this season


They will never recover from the Curse of the Name Change! :skull_and_crossbones:

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What a shock lol.

How do you spell "overhaul"? Race between Elks and Redblacks to get the best GM that is readily available.

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Speed dial to Chris Jones for all the jobs plus DC

…definitely opens the door for that guy

Major clean-up! Given their records, no surprises with these news. Yes, Chris Jones could be interviewed, but I have doubts about him returning to Edmonton. They will most probably hire a GM who then will hire a Head Coach.


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Wally Buono being brought in as a consultant to oversee the process of hiring the replacements

Wally was great as a GM/coach but twice left the BC Lions in a poor place despite making his replacement hires. Not sure this is as good as it sounds.

There is no curse of the name change. The name change was the RIGHT thing to do. The Winnipeg Jets had a name changed from the Atlanta Thrashers. They seem to be fine

You talking about Chris Jones the bailer? I wouldn’t trust this guy from sticking around much. Look at all of the teams he left high and dry for greener pastures.

Winnipeg Thrashers is just like the Edmonton Elks.

They don't mesh

At least the Jets have stability, owned by Canada's richest man and have made the playoffs. The Elks not so much

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Should they (the Elks) go private?

Agree on this. However I think with all that's gone wrong it's one more thing to pile on from a large part of the hardcores.

Getting the president right is the most important part IMO then good management will create a better culture


They need someone local and in touch as president .

The GM can be from anywhere but has at least a good base of CFL knowledge .


The only surprise here is that it was not done before the coach left the field of play in the last game of the season.
I will add, We all, I hope, would rather see 9 very strong teams in the CFL.


The Oilers should buy the Elks like how the Flames, The Leafs have done it. Ownership by sports conglomerates is the future of sports teams. Why do think Fenway Sports/Red Bird Capital/the Rock-XFL wanted to merge with MLSE

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I'd worked a bit with Mr. Presson while with the league and think he should have been given more time. But the captain does tend to go down with the ship.

Lots to do on day one whoever the new folks are

There will likely be stories too

Covid outbreak, Star players not playing and as stated a delay in firing the Braintrust. Not to mention the hiring in the first place