Elks fight song

The fight song will have to change, as even Bryan Hall can't stretch out Elks that long to fit the song. Since the old song was plagiarized from the Washington and Lee university in the states, any suggested lyrics for a new fight song?

In western Canada, there's a team that's known throughout the Land
Twelve warriors brave and bold whose fame will ever stand
And when the ball goes over
Our cheers will reach the sky
Edmonton field will hear again the Elk Horn Battle Cry

Drive, Drive on down the field
Men of the green and the gold
Don't let them thru that line
We're gonna win this game today

Smash thru to victory
We'll cheer you as you go
Our honour defend
For we'll fight to the end for Ed-mon-ton!

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Wow, excellent! We'll have to reprogram Bryan Hall though, whom I suspect is now an android since he has been around so long.

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I'd personally like the team to have an original song, rather than borrow from yet another US college.


This is the next song for the Elk's .


Agreed. Maybe the Elks should have a song contest with a free season ticket for a prize.


Song contest are often a failure, but that's because they always seem to call for a top 40-style song. This isn't what's needed. A fight song is a different animal that really has only one obvious purpose and is a style that has fairly narrow requirements. I bet there'd be some really good ones given people the chance. They should make it a national contest with a modest cash prize. Say, $25k or something. The Elks might just find themselves with another Hockey Night in Canada theme, but if not, they'd surely get a decent singable ditty.

…here’s the official fight song

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Kinda hard to sing along

come listen to a story about an elk named Jed....


we will we will buck you.....

come a little closer and let me goose you with my horn

Popular during rutting season only

there is a Sweden National AFL team name Elks. Maybe something swedish for a mascot

Elks – Men’s National Team – AFL Sweden

Hmm, could it be that AFL is the most popular Non Soccer Football world wide?

Yeah I do actually. Change Eskimos to Elks let's go. Keep everything else the same. Done! You're welcome

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