Elks extend veteran WR Emmanuel Arceneaux

EDMONTON — Veteran wide receiver Emmanuel Arceneaux has signed a one-year contract extension with the Edmonton Elks the team announced Friday. Arceneaux was eligible to become a free-agent on February 14.

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OK. Manny still has it according to what he did last season. Speed inside isn't as important as timing and being in the right place at the right time. Plus its hard for guys to get around that big body to knock passes down.

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he’s basically a playing receivers coach now.

Not the worst pick for that. His route running was always very good and he was excellent at recognizing when to execute scramble rules.

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yes. also, he is in outstanding physical shape for his age and is the consummate professional. as well he is an example for young players in terms of longevity and dedication, something the Elks need. loved Manny when he was a Lion.

Professionalism is always something you need when rebuilding. That was the one thing that was hard to take last season, those stupid selfish penalties and guys losing composure.
That was the stuff Jones had to bite his tongue on last year and I think it had a lot to do with the guys cut and traded during the first bye week.

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i am expecting and hoping for a better Elks team this year. the league needs the Elks to be successful, their fans deserve it, and the teams legacy and recent history dictate that an upswing in performance, results and fan-engagement is a must.

A mild surprise. By all accounts he did a lot in the community & had good stats. I expect the Elks to field a very young team. The question I had was how many older veterans they might bring back. I suspect Henry is gone, probably Dubuisson, maybe Gainey with the signing of Purifoy & Grymes being fully healthy. So they'll need some guys & Manny was one of the better performing "older" guys.

It looks like Lawler may be back. He's moved his family to Edmonton. With Dhillon Mitchell on board, do they bring back Derel Walker? IMO they should - after the injuries he had three 100 yd games in the final 6 & was a very good tandem with Mitchell. Assuming Lawler is back, Walker would be a nice #3 target. So, a good signing IF he is a depth piece. If Lawler & Walker aren't signed, that's a different conversation. :sunglasses:

Manny is a hard guy to get rid of. If they don't want him on the team don't invite him to camp because he will win a spot. Hope he can stay healthy.

I think that’s part of the plan. Veterans to help coach the rookies and for depth. We still have a month until free agency so I would guess the plan is key pieces first then the for sure guys like Gainey.
It may be interesting in free agency. I think there is a pool of guys who already have offers from their current team that are going to check on their “market value” before signing.