Elks extend Taylor Cornelius through 2024

EDMONTON — Taylor Cornelius has signed a two-year contract extension with the Edmonton Elks.

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So Cornelius & Ford are the guys are they? Does this actually mean CJ has committed to these two? Time will tell, I suppose.

Uh… ok

Rider fan, but I like this signing. Not sure what it is about Cornelius, but I really think he has a future in this league.


I agree, this is a good signing. This kid has the potential to be a great QB in this league. He's big, he can run and has a good arm. As Matt Dunigan said, there are some very talented players on this team, they just need to let these guys get it together and play more as a team which is on the coaching staff! I really like Kevin Brown as well, the guy is almost impossible to bring down. The Elks are going to win some games down the stretch and are going to be tough team to beat next year IMO.

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Cornelius is okay, but Ford has more upside. Jones only signed him from jumping to the XFL

Always remember that CFL contracts are not guaranteed so he could be cut anytime

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I think it will always be split time with Corny and Ford

I also like what I have seen of Brown. The Elks definitely have a few good pieces for the future but for me the jury is still out on how long it will take Jones to assemble a consistently good team, if he does at all. They don’t appear to be that close yet.

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Why? He can't throw accurately enough and he can't Win - as useless as MacBeth.

Cornelius is a right piece though. Nice to see he took the signing as a vote of confidence and went out to do something an Edmonton team hasn't done in a while with a win in Riderville.


The more I see from this guy, the more impressed I am.
Man, can he run with the ball.