Elks, Derel Walker agree to contract extension

EDMONTON — Veteran wide receiver Derel Walker is staying in Edmonton.

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Duke signed for $260K, apparently. I believe that Walker also signed a previous contract for a similar amount. I'm not sure what happened to this guy but he went completely off the radar. Hard to put a value on this guy!

What exactly is an "Elks" anyway? Is it some mythical creature kind of like a unicorn?

kellyhelen - I agree – hard to put a value on him. He had his third +1000 yards receiving with Toronto in 2019. Then re-signed with EE for 2021 and managed 531 yards in 11 games. If he had played the scheduled 18 games, his average yards per game would put him close to 900 yards.

So yeah, his production is a little off – but so many things can factor into a receiver’s overall numbers. Such as who is throwing you the ball, what passing scheme is being run, how many other receivers are targeted by the Quarterback. I guess we’ll have to see if he has a bounce back year this season.

Chris Jones is signing players from everywhere. Three yesterday, another six today - competition is a good thing!

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Walker was the highest paid receiver in 2019 @ $275K & last year @ $180K annualized. In the latter part of the season his head wasn't in the game anymore by all accounts. But both he & Ellingson were ill used by the mess that was the Edm offence. Part of the problem was Cornelius, who has a gun for an arm, needs to get a little more touch on the ball. It was just being rifled in there. Part of it was Walker wasn't good some games. But neither he nor Ellingson really got in a rhythm. For example, Ellingson had 1 catch in a game & that was off a deflection where he wasn't the target. You have to involve your best receivers more.
Going into this past season Walker had 32 TD's in 64 games & he was brought in because of the Elk lousy RedZone production in 2019. Yet he was only targeted a half dozen times or so in the RedZone. I think for a lot of Elk players you have to write off last season. Jones, like him or not, is very organized - a complete departure of what was going on in 2021.

Favorite Derel Walker play of 2021 was him down field blocking and crushing a defender. Can't remember who it was that he hit. Highlight reel worthy and you could tell there was some frustration in it.

Walker and MBT worked well together in 2019 but as you mention the OC has a lot to do with it. I am a fan and would like to see him back to where he was.

I am also a fan & believe it will be a bounce back year.

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If its true that the Elks are backing up the Brinks truck for Lawler, that will be quite the WR tandem.