Elks Clean House

Edmonton fired their leadership team today . Speculation will begin as to who will replace them .

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Chris Jones is already supervising them cleaning out their desks on his bye week


The Als signing Danny Maciocia was stabilizing for the franchise . An experienced , bi-lingual , local guy known in the community was a better choice than hiring a media magnet like Chris Jones .
Wally gets it . Wally won't suggest recycling a Jason Maas . The franchise needs somebody young and bright as head coach .
This will be an interesting time for the Elk fans .

Pat Lynch (Stu Lang as CEO ?)

There might be some interest in Danny Mac for GM. He's well connected and has done a great job in Winnipeg as the Assisant. Might be about time he runs his own team.


I think Danny Mac would be one of the top candidates for the Edmonton job. Been in the league long time and has a lot of connections.


Chris Jones won their last cup...so he deserves a chance as a coach only.

Guys with Coach and GM get too full of themselves and may win a championship .....but after a while there is not enough differing opinions so the franchise deteriorates.

But the Elks do have to be aware: Chris Jones may be a flight risk.

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Burke, Allemang, McManus, and Hervey will probably get a serious look. Hopefully they don't go after Jones
Surprised they didn't wait to get a new GM before firing Elizondo. They are going to have to pay him anyway.

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Jones won't go somewhere to just be a coach. He'll wait to get his shot at the whole thing.

Maybe that's why they fired everyone.

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They might take a look at our Front Office. Kinda crowded in there

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Nowhere near as crowded as Toronto's sideline.


I'd be shocked if Jones went back there. The board HATES him. If they asked him back now Jones would make them all kiss his ring ... daily ... on their skinned knees ...

If Buono is the consultant, perhaps Benevides would make the short list.

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That is a good point.

How about IS a flight risk. I do not think he ever unpacks his belongings and always has a getaway car fully gassed and running

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Every coach in the CFL in a flight risk when the NFL comes calling.

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Now they need to bring back the EE logo.

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Seems like people in higher places did not like how the whole demographic package went with the re-branding name change.

Sorry, but I don't get the point you're making.

No shortage of fans who are angry and disillusioned over how a flagship franchise was run into the ground and how they feel a legacy was wiped out by the name change.

Board chairman blaming the wrong age and ethnicity for showing up should smooth things over.


His motorcycle.

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