Elks, Bombers West Division showdown kicks off Week 7

WINNIPEG — The Edmonton Elks will head out on the road in search of their first win of the season when they travel to Winnipeg to face a Blue Bombers team looking to rebound from a loss of their own on Thursday night.

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Will the bombers get caught in yet another trap game? Edmonton is just so dam mysterious they have some of the top receivers in the League yet they have gone with a guy that truly is not even close to prime time. Obvious that Jones has no idea about QB’s and what makes them successful

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You’re right about Jones . I have no idea what he’s seeing on film with Cornelius . Cornelius is one of the most inaccurate QB’s I’ve seen starting in the CFL. He’s late on almost every throw . He has to see it before he can throw it . Good QB’s throw with anticipation and he just doesn’t have that ability. The sooner Jones moves onto another QB the better. He has to find a QB if the Elks are ever going to win a game or possible ever compete for a playoff spot .

A showdown to me indicates that the teams are evenly matched…Winnipeg and Edmonton…hardly…