Elks, Bombers Injury Reports:

TORONTO — The Edmonton Elks and Winnipeg Blue Bombers have submitted their first injury reports of the week ahead of their matchup on Thursday at IG Field.

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It doesn’t matter if Winnipeg shows anything because usually every line is doubtful, doubtful, doubtful so why bother.


But in defense of the Bombers they’re working within the parameters of the rules - however dubious!

It doesn’t matter who Winnipeg dresses, it’s gonna be a massacre!

Uh, thats what you guys all said last week…

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HA! HA! HA! Not only that but it looked like the team believed it!

It was the Edm game I was more worried about a letdown. But unlikely to happen after the last debacle.

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OK, today’s is actually funny. All players for the Bombers are listed as “Questionable”

But before anyone gets their blood pressure up about those bad, bad Bombers, let me just point out a couple things:

  1. All the players actually are questionable. Rose, Parker & Wilson are coming close to game shape after being on the 6 game IR all year. Kramdi was injured and is also close to being back. He might be the best bet to play.Clements and Haba were injured last game vs OTT, and it was these injuries that were a big factor in the "crazy collapse ". I’ve heard very little on these 2, so who knows if its a major injury or not. All I know is that is where we need help and I hope this doesn’t press K Wilson into action too early.
  2. As of this time, there is no game status info at all for the other games.

This “questionable” nonsense is minor league. But then what do you call it when the geezers need time off. Aching bones, hang nails, nap time. "Sorry, Mike, my turn to babysit the grandkids. " Stick with “questionable”.

Which player listed are you questioning as Aching bones, hang nails, nap time?
Did you even read what I wrote?
And is leaving it blank, like every other team does any better?

Of course I read your post. I wouldn’t do you a disservice by not doing so. My comment is in general to the Bombers weekly reports. They’re ALWAYS questionable, old or not so old. It’s been a standing joke by posters & football writers alike. It’s just dumb IMO. :smiley:

I’m not a Edmonton fan, are any off the hurt players well known?