Elks announce sweeping organizational changes

He is showing the lack of class that has become the EE?... he himself is an old white guy who has no idea how to communicate his point ???

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Now you're getting my point. :+1:

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Strange that with the name change that a certain demographic got singled out.

Thought the name change was supposed to be for the better.

The name change was for the better for a small very vocal minority but that's the way of the world nowadays.

I believe as a society we are not as engaged with each other (including family members) as before.

It's about who controls the narrative.

Speaking of which, the group that wanted the name change.
Haven't heard much in terms of improving the lives of the citizens they are representating.

Our job is to fix all their problems, theirs is to complain that we're not doing enough.

According to them, it will never be enough.

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Qwhite a few comments

how 'bout fire the board of directors ?
then again didnt they approve hiring these guys they just fired ?
what ever happened to "the buck stops here" ?
board should get dumped too

appoint buono prez n ceo of elks
get a new board n make sure they work for $1/yr w/ mayor as head of board and when mayor is voted out of office time for a new board [rich people]
that way edmontonins are guaranteed a new board when mayor is voted out

ps i am an argos fan

I knew the Elk were in trouble a) when they changed their name to Elk and b) when they hired Elizondo and signed washed up players like Wilder Jr.

There was nothing wrong with the name change. It was the right thing to do

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To Elk tho???

The previous name was racist and had to go. The team was able to keep the double "E" for alliteration and cost savings for a completely different name change. Too bad that there wasn't more formidable names to choose from. I would've gone with "Tundra"

Only if Toyota sponsored them big time .