Elks announce sweeping organizational changes

EDMONTON –The Board of Directors of the Edmonton Elks Football Club has terminated the contracts of President and CEO Chris Presson, General Manager and Vice President of Football Operations Brock Sunderland and Head Coach Jaime Elizondo, effective immediately.

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Colour me shocked, :scream:

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it's about time


Jason Maas may be available by 6:30 PM (local time) on Sun. Nov. 28th

I guess with the Operations cap they would need to hire one guy for all three jobs
Chris Jones

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Hmmmm . . .they wouldn't do that . . .would they?

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This is ABSOLUTELY what I wanted to happen almost all season long ! I am absolutely thrilled and estatic that they fired these 3 , I’m a DIEHARD fan of 50 years and this is like Christmas cane early , now bring on Chris Jones and hand him the keys to this once proud franchise



I’d Absolutely love Jones here


The price of failure... big time failure.

Cussing & swearing is welcome........ mandatory!!


You got the date right Keith.

@Grover: Should be careful what you wish for!


Well there are going to be some prime jobs opening up.
The cap is going to be in play but keep in mind the EE have money in the bank to pay these out and the $ against the cap can be amortized over 5 years.

GM, HC and QB will be new. The candidates will be plentiful. I do not think toxic Chris Jones has a shot but an older trusted Jim Barker could be a decent GM.
Khari Jones would be a great fit as HC and attract a lot of talent should the Als get silly. The line-up for a new QB may start with Dane Evans.
The stench will leave the building soon.

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I’m sure SK will need Jason the following week. For a fantastic hard fought smash mouth football game in Winnipeg.

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I'm a Rider fan... but I've got an uneasy feeling that we're staring down the barrel of another first-round playoff exit. Thank you, Mr. Maas, and your plethora of 5-yard hitch passes

Not a fan of the Elks but it's still hard to watch a once proud franchise go through the type of year they had.

Brock Sunderland and Head Coach Jaime Elizondo both are under contract for 2 more years. A reasonable estimate of their combined salaries is $700,000 per year. So, the Elks will probably have around $1.4 million worth of dead money counting against their football operations cap spread over 5 years.

Seeing changes after the kind of season the Elks had is not surprising - but those who were fired are the easy target - the players too need to look inward about how they contributed to the failure of this team. They had a QB who didn't want to be there, some players playing VAX games causing cancelled games - altering the schedule - plus fans complaining about an unavoidable name change to the team. No, there were many reasons for this team's failure - far beyond those who were fired and took all the heat.