Elks add linerbacker, Tre Watson and two more

EDMONTON – The Edmonton Elks announced Wednesday the signings of National running back, Jamel Lyles and Americans running back, Jordan Scarlett and linebacker, Tre Watson. ​

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Stubbed his toe getting on the plane?

Feelings can be injured too…


More likely no time to practice on a short week.

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Chris Jones wouldn't fib to us like that, would he? He knows how to play all aspects of the game to their max.

Everybody is doing it. The league needs to increase the roster size as most teams are doing the same shuffle to keep backups ready to play.
When you think about it half your teams play on the lines and with 2-3 guys having minor injuries in every game its tough to have enough guys practised and ready to play so .... its the old injury/practice roster shuffle....

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Someone will know this better than me what does the current CBA say about other teams being allowed to offer players contracts if they are on a team's practice roster? Also is there a league max for how much you can pay a player on the practice roster? I'm pretty sure the 1 game injured list does count towards your salary cap but the 6 game doesn't so long as you don't pull the player off too soon (there are a few exceptions as well).
I'm highly doubting Tre Watson would be willing to sit on the practice roster as another team would be offering him money to play immediately so keeping him on the IR is keeping him safe.

As for increasing the roster size I'm willing to bet the players association negotiated to reduce the overall size of the roster. If you have 4.5 million dollars to pay everyone on your roster and your roster size increases by 5 then you have less money to pay each player.

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One of the other signings is National running back, Jamel Lyles who played for BC the last couple seasons. Not a huge sample size of games to judge from but he does seem to be able to run and catch.

Yeah I just hate this revolving door system that CJ does I legit do not see how any player on that roster is doing anything other than trying to survive the next week of cuts. Fear is not a great motivator for playing great, it is a great motivator for playing stupid/dirty and I just wish this league would flush that giant sunglasses wearing turd from the league once and for all.

Sorry did I mention I truly hate Chris Jones and his style of coaching/managment...not sure it came through in my message.

I don't agree with your statement because if a player plays stupid, dirty football that usually results in penalties which hurt your team and that would probably result in that guy getting cut.

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I'm saying that the risk of being cut at any moment doesn't leave much room for error and can make guys do stupid/risky things on the field. I get the sport is competitive but when CJ has 9 guys ready to take your spot if you don't play a perfect game that's got to get in your head.

I don't think he demands perfection, just ability, willingness to learn and not repeating mistakes over and over.

I could read his lips a few times during the last few games and his comments were "we don't need that" or "again?" He understands he has a younger team and there will be mistakes - like I said - don't keep repeating those mistakes.....

...and his huge rolodex means he can replace the inevitable injuries - rahter than scrounge players off other teams as early as 3 games into the season.

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I did know the answer to your practice roster questions but don’t remember offhand now although I am sure many in this forum do.

You are correct on how the salary cap works vis a vis the one and six game injured lists.

I do not recall any talk about the CFLPA seeking to reduce the number of players on a roster, especially during the recent negotiations. As far as I am aware they have always taken the opposite position, sometimes strongly, sometimes less so.

As a player I can't understand why you would want to have an expanded roster as more players equals less money per player

Funny, it always comes through as "he won a cup in Edmonton but didn't win one for us" when he took over a horrible team that had as many wins as the Elks did in 12 games last year in 18 games in 2015 and that was lost had no plan for getting better. Then he chucked out the dead wood and turned the club into a winner again.

Damn, you gotta hate guys who do that.

I think you have a point, but then unions are far from paragons of logic.