Elks add eight to roster, release two

EDMONTON — The Elks also announced a host of ​ moves on Wednesday, signing Blaise Barber (LS), Kenan Clarke (DB), Kevin Dubois (RB), Alex Gayle (RB), Shaquille Hill (WR), Caleb Lightbourn (K), Tremaine Ross (WR) and Christian Saulsberry (WR).

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There does not seem to be much talent in this group if their numbers are an indication. Blaise Barber's 16 tackles in 4 years? Numbers, of course, are not everything. Their have been Heisman winners not make it in the CFL. But, IDK, seems like the Elks are throwing mud on the wall and see what sticks.

Sigh :pensive: - - Blaise Barber is a long snapper - which is a special teams position. That means he is only on the field during punts and field goals. Their position requires that they be proficient at snapping the ball long and with accuracy to a punter or kicker. If he was a Linebacker with only 16 tackles in four years, then I would be concerned.

You are correct, sorry. I was just looking at the tackle count and not the position. I don't think tackles are a very good indicator for the LS position. Average snap time and best snap time would probably be better, but McMaster does not use them as a stat. He does have the build for the position. I guess he is good enough to look at, you just can't tell from the tackle stat (and a portion of them were assists and not solo). But, thank you. You were quite correct.

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Hey – no problem HeadKangaroo – I thought you may have missed the (LS) after Barber’s name. :grin: