Elks add DL Chris Casher to practice roster, sign LS Martin Bedard

EDMONTON – The Edmonton Elks made three roster moves on Monday, adding Chris Casher (DL) to the practice roster, signing Martin Bedard (LS), and releasing Andrew Ankrah (DL).

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A practice roster move? Well should solve everything.

Winnipeg's in for it now. :open_mouth:

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They can't move the ball on offence they we sign defensive players?

Somehow, when it takes two games to score your first touchdown (in garbage time)
and have two games with no scoring besides field goals I don't think the defence should be your first priority....

Then again, with 1 fumble recovery and 3 int's on the year....

...and with no ticket sales Sunderland is trying to make it look like he's doing something.


Maybe a nice big juicy trade would spice things up eh? :smiley: :+1:

Maybe they could bring back the best cheer team in the league, that should boost ticket sales and maybe save some of their jobs, they can't seem to do anything else right.