Elks add Aketepe, Hoover to injured list

EDMONTON – Dotun Aketepe and Jordan Hoover have been added to the Edmonton Elks’ six-game injured list.

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Good hate how some guys think elks are number 1 in the west, with harris not having a win over blm yet and i dont think hes not going too. Cant wait for the stamps to shhhhh everyone up

You can take it for what it's worth. The good news is 3DownNation's 9 guys all rated Calgary top 3 & 8 also rated Elks top 3. Better - 7 had the Stamps finishing 1st. The bad news 3 of 4 TSN analysts on TSN "Edge" saw a Hamilton/Elks Grey Cup, Rod Black a Hamilton/Riders Grey Cup. The Riders got no love with 6 having them finish bottom 2 & 8 picking BC for bottom 2. As for the "Stamps East", 1 had the Argos finish last & 3 next to last. So there are those who believe in the Stamps & evenly split among those liking Als or Argos for 2nd. Hamilton is unanimous for the boys from 3DN. I'm okay on the Stamps but IMO I don't think on one hand you can rave about all the Stamp talent on the Argos & on the other hand say Stamps didn't lose talent. The ex-Stamps would still be starters over the guys they have now IMO. These ratings mean little. They're just fun discussion points.