Elks acquire Arbuckle from Argos in pre-deadline deal

Monty, I've never understood the Edmonton buying championships angle. The reason the franchise has won more Cups than anyone since the league went to 9 teams is QB's. They brought Allen, Ray, Dunigan & Ham to the CFL & they are all top 10 career passing. And the league benefitted. All of them went on to other teams & won Cups there. They brought Moon to the league. Most of the players like Kepley, Kelly right through to Hervey & so on were brought to the league by the team. They won because they found talent. If you think money is the reason you win championships, then explain to me why the Dodgers & Yankees are not playing right now. Or winning every year. Explain to me why the Patriots & Steelers win so many Super Bowls & not the Dallas Cowboys, the richest team in the league. Explain to me why the Riders luring away Jones didn't result in 1 Cup in Regina. Edmonton has won 3 Cups in the last 17 years, same as Argos & Stamps. Why is Regina at the other end of the scale with 4 Cups in 100 years? QB's. Two of their Cups came courtesy of QB's they got from Ottawa. When Fajardo makes one guy's top 5 All-Time Rider list after 20 games, you see the problem, right?


As usual the Argos dropped the ball....especially after last week in Montreal

Pantsonfire makes a good point about finding and developing talent. Just look at the Stampeders. The league if filled with X-stamps and the scouting and development of players in Calgary is second to none.

However, Monty makes a better point about the Elkimoes buying their way to the top. Back in the day when the mighty schmoes won their string of cups in the HCFL (Hugh Campbell Football Leauge) they were spending up to twice as much as other teams and had a GM that could pretty much make any deal with any team at any time.

Those times have changed. Since Hugh left and a salary cap was put in place, Edmonton has just under a 500 record. They went on one big run. That's about it. And that's brought a lot of joy to Stamp fans such as myself. Even this year my friends and I had determined that there is no way the schmoes aren't going to be in the top three and there's no way the Stamp aren't going to be in the bottom three, and yet look where we are today!

A big thank you out to both teams for making this another fun season.

Well, hiring Hugh who was coaching Whitworth College & finished 5th prior to be given a chance with the Elks was a daring move, no? Nothing to do with money. Anybody could have hired him. If money allowed them to "buy" championships, what happened in the 90's before the cap? The Stamps managed to finish 1st 8 times, 2nd 3 times from 1990 - 2001. With Flutie & Garcia from 1992 - 1996 they won 15 games 3 times & 13 twice. Yet lost 3 Finals, a Grey Cup & won one. Where were the Grey Cups the Elks were buying with Hugh Campbell at the top? It's nonsense. The difference is when they get to the show they win - a lot. The Stamps have been a great regular season team for a long time, cap or no cap. But when it comes to dynasties, my Elk pal in Edmonton says this about the Stamps & Flames - What's the definition of a dynasty in Calgary? One Cup win in a row. A little harsh, but it is what it is. Good luck in the playoffs. Hope you finish 2nd, horse.

Speaking of buying championships, remember the 1981 Alouettes?
Owner Nelson Skalbania tried and failed to buy a Cup with these guys:

QB Vince Farragamo (Rams) $600,000.00 per year!!!
RB David Overstreet (Dolphins)
WR Billy White Shoes Johnson (Oilers)
LB Tom Cousineau (Bills)
DT Ron Singleton (49ers)

Also on the roster that year:

LB Wally Buono
TE Peter Dalla Riva
DT Jim Heighton
DT Gene Belliveau
DT Glenn Weir
DE Junior Ah You
?? Chris Walby (they had him playing DT!!!!)

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I see it more of a way to get some money off the books - get something for someone who they were not going to bring back next year and yes they have McBeth to hold the spot as they eye up Masoli/Evans in free agency.

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Wacky times. In March of 1992 crazy Larry Ryckman signed Flutie to a 4 year $3.2 Million contract. Rocket Ismail signed a 4 year $26.2 MM contract with the Argos in 1991 making him the highest football player in history at that time. The CFL has had some interesting times for sure. Thanks for bringing that up Maax.

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Interesting. Whenever were the buying championship days are certainly over. Different reasons for joining teams now exist. Chief among them is the culture of the team, which players mostly learn about from other players. It is well known that many players want to play for the Bombers because of the incredible camaraderie and the universal love by the players for O’Shea and Ritchie. In fact these coaches were consistently criticized for a time as being better bros to the players than actual good football coaches. No one says that any more. Jefferson and Bighill and a few others actually took pay cuts to remain Bombers. Their amazing facility doesn’t hurt either. They also have a huge advantage in picking up late season recruits such as Winston Rose. Players joining teams now will not earn much being on the roster for the last few games but when the Grey Cup winning stipend ($24,000 I am told) is factored in the Bombers have another huge recruiting advantage. It will be interesting to see how the factors that influence players joining teams evolve going forward.

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Yes there are a lot - a lot of talent left in the off season.

There are more ex Elks around though I am sure. Almost every team has a handful.

Saskatchewan's entire defence is ex Edmonton and Calgary players.