Elks acquire Arbuckle from Argos in pre-deadline deal

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Elks’ quarterback room continues to change this season.

The Elks have swung a deal with the Toronto Argonauts to acquire Nick Arbuckle. Edmonton is sending a conditional third-round pick in the 2022 CFL Draft to the Argos, as well as the negotiation list rights to quarterback Chad Kelly. The third-round pick can upgrade to a second-rounder if Arbuckle signs with the Elks. The move comes a day before the CFL’s trade deadline, which is 4:59 p.m. ET on Oct. 27.

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This is a mistake made by Pinball Clemons. Arbuckle traded and moved around the league to various teams. The same thing happened to Collaros and then he found a great O-line to protect him and Collaros is now the best QB in the CFL. Arbuckle needs to play a few games to prove his worth. This is a win for the Elks (hate that name)


I totally agree with you on everything including hating that awefull name

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I agree. Macbeth inspired no confidence last week in soiling the sheets in MTL and this is the response? If nothing else having Arbuckle would be insurance in case of injury. I don't follow the Argos too closely but I have seen many Argos fans post a preference for Arbuckle over Macbeth. From a distance it is not clear to me who is better. The Elks season is over so why didn't the Argos keep Arbuckle for insurance if nothing else and then trade him to the Elks who won't really benefit from him until next year? It seems that Argos management has thrown in the towel on the season.

Seems like the Argos are just giving him away. Some things going on here that aren't being said? Scratching my head.

Well Edmonton picks up Arbuckle to see if he fits in with them to see weather or not they offer him an extension right ?Do you buy a brand new car without test driving it ?

Agreed! A real head-scratcher from the Argo's perspective. Regarding the Edmonton team name, they might as well have gone with Elkimos. Lol!

I hate everything about this deal. Why didn't Toronto send Arbuckle to Winnipeg? Was it our breath? Are our draft picks no good to them? We need a decent backup here.

Also... you're right, 'Elks' suck. The Edmonton 'Iron Eagles' would've done it for me. :smiley: :+1:

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Maax, why would they send him to Winnipeg? If Collaros gets hurt all of a sudden Winnipeg doesn't look so good. If you want to win the Cup, why send anyone to Winnipeg???

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You're right. So Toronto just screwed themselves AGAIN by sending Arbuckle to a team that won't hesitate to send him here if we want him badly enough. :grin:

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What value has Arbuckle got in December? He's a free agent Jan 1. The Elks now have 3 QB's with limited experience. Cornelius plays this week but they'll test drive Arbuckle with 2 games, likely, as they finish with 3 games in 7 days coming up early next month. Then they can see if they want to extend him. As I said earlier, the QB situation next year is going to be very interesting. Coming into 2021 you had Harris, Reilly, Nichols, Masoli, Arbuckle, Adams & Masoli starting, 2 of them favoured as MOP candidates. All of them may be in tough for starting positions & the 1st 2 almost certainly in for pay cuts. You can throw Mitchell into the mix as well. At his salary 7 TD's, 13 INT's isn't going to cut it, especially if they lose the semi-final.

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Toronto has hitched their wagon to MacBeth, which is not a bad thing. Arbuckle now has a chance to play regularly, which is not a bad thing. This is a win for him and I do hope he does well.


Elks are just churning right now. They need a bona fide starter going into next season to give their fanbase some hope. I think they're out of ideas. Getting some smarter football minds on board should be their number one priority.

Hands off our GM though. Get your own Kyle Walters please. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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No reason for the Elks to send him to Winnipeg. They gave up a 3rd rounder + neg list Chad Kelly to get him. Arbuckle was seen as a starter when Ottawa signed him & then Toronto - & got starter's money. In fact, there are those in TO who think he should still be the starter. All Edm has is Cornelius who they hope is the starter but would you give away Arbuckle, who may be the answer? It's clear the Elks are looking at next year & getting a younger guy @ QB. He's not going anywhere unless Arbuckle says he doesn't want to play there.

2 Things I don't like about this trade.

  1. I think Arbuckle is being tossed around like a bad penny without getting enough time with any team to show his talent. Has to be hard to deal with.
  2. If he signs with Edmonton for next season, which I figure if offered he will, he will be on the wrong side of the Field against the Stamps the provincial Rival. Would have rather , if a trade was inevitable, had him go to Ottawa who are just as needy.

If there is a complete purging, I think Chris Jones is more likely than Kyle Walters, & I doubt that will happen. Since the "Jones"rule, it is difficult to move coaches who are under contract. Both Sunderland & Elizondo have 2 years to run & letting some or all of them go, I believe, can involve penalties including draft picks - one reason why the whole Rider staff stayed & the HC was hired from within in 2019 after Jones left. I think, despite fan discontent in Edm & all the noise around the team, they probably have another year to get it right in any case. Walters has been there since 2013 & it just ended in a Cup year in 2019. It's no overnight success. I don't think hiring the latest "winner" is necessarily a guarantee for immediate success (exhibit A - the Chris Jones departure to Saskatchewan within a week of winning the Cup). Besides, Maaax, why would Walters leave?

I can't disagree on both points. But teams generally like to trade outside their division. How many trades have there been between the Stamps & Elks or the Flames & Oilers? I do feel for Arbuckle but he's a free agent in January - may be available to anyone. A lot depends on what happens the next 5 Elk games.

Basically a freebie...the Elks need a spare QB for at least one of the three games they play in a week at the end of the season.

Not that it will make a difference but play him one game, see how he is in the room. I can't think his free agency price will be too high.

I am happy to see Nick Arbuckle being traded to my Edmonton Elks from my hometown Argos. I blame the Argos for not designating Arbuckle their number one pivot. The reality is he can not stay healthy, hopefully the Elks can sign him and I welcome the very talented quarterback to the Elks in the 2022 season. :interrobang:

At least with the lowly Elk he isn't under any pressure to win. Since Edmonton can't buy championships anymore the playoffs are just something other teams do.