Elkaholics Anonymous

Hi. My name is Mac, and I'm an Elkaholic...

I'm sure everyone has their views on today's rebranding to "Edmonton Elks," and for what little it's worth, here are mine: okay name, decent wordmarks, but a bad, minimalist logo.

Regardless of your viewpoint though, this rebrand is truly a unique opportunity to see just how effective rebrands like this impact teams economically. As the team's finances are a matter of public record, we'll be able to take a look and make direct comparisons to how "Eskimos" gear sold compared to "Elks" gear going forward. Allegedly rebrands have a positive impact on team bottom lines. Will this be the case here? Perhaps we'll know once we compare merchandising revenues for 2022 (the first full year under the new brand) to those of the last pre-pandemic year (2019).

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Mac I like it but here's my wish - the EE stays on the helmets as it's been! There is no need to change our helmet logo!

either that, or you may have to change yours :slight_smile:

Oh no way I'm keeping mine plus they'll probably have the throw-back game at some point maybe in another season.