Montreal Alouettes Head Coach Marc Trestman has announced the hiring of Jaime Elizondo as the team’s receivers’ coach.

L’entraîneur-chef des Alouettes de Montréal Marc Trestman a annoncé aujourd’hui l’embauche de Jaime Elizondo au poste d’entraîneur des receveurs.

Hello Als fans. A lot of you (like me) are probably asking, "who is this guy?" WEll, I have done some research on the guy. Read this story:

[url=http://media.www.hofstrachronicle.com/media/storage/paper222/news/2007/03/22/Sports/Alumni.In.Nfl.Garner.Elizondo.Esteem-2790070.shtml]http://media.www.hofstrachronicle.com/m ... 0070.shtml[/url]

He holds three degrees. He aspires to be a head coach in the NFL. He is also the guy who taught Marques Colston (of the NE Saints) how to run a route and catch a ball.

Hofstra is a small college. His protege Colston was drafted in the 6th and last round last year of the NFL draft. He went on to have 1000 receiving yards in his first season (this rarely happens to receivers in pro ball). Colston had an even better season in 2007.

I think we have a great receivers coach. he is not well known, but that will change.

Don't know anything about Elizondo but he can't be any worse than the coaching staff we had last year. Let's hope he can work with guys like Stala who seem to have fallen off and help them regain their form.

I will also be tracking the progress of Desriveaux and Deslauriers closely. How well they fare this year will be influenced by Elizondo, I'm sure.

I'm expecting big things from Deslaurier this year. I don't think Stala will be in an Als uniform by the time training camp starts...

I have a hunch you may be right.

Sad but true. Originally, I had the feeling that Stala was going to develop into the next Ben Cahoon.............but now, it looks like he'll be another Sylvain Girard, always on the injured list.

Deslauriers certainly has speed to burn, which we can use; hope Elizondo can improve his route-running and ability to hang on to the ball.