Elizondo institutes no swearing rule for EE?

Did I hear this correctly? Has the new EE HC Elizondo implemented a "no swear " rule for EE?

…seems along with the name change there’s a cultural change going on in Edmonton…if what you’ve noted is true maybe this is part of the greater program?

Well apparently they not only had pressure to change their name but other things as well .

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Not sure it's true. If so, telling a grown man, a professional athlete whos been cut open, he cant swear is in my world ,incomprehensible. It's like telling them to commit to Jesus.


Not saying I agree or not .

but This is old school .

The older iconic football coaches had similar rules even new one's

Now saying that many of the swears deal with sex etc ... we had a gay sex swear chant halt a soccer game in Mexico .

Because the swears are religious or sexual many see the cleaning up of the game along with racial slurs as progression of better sportsmanship .

IF It's about good sportsmanship on the field and making sure the open mics are g or even pg rated many see it as progress in making the league more inclusive especially family and maybe more female friendly entertainment .

None of this maybe the true reason if it's the case just speculation on my part .

Again I expect when someone is hurt they may not get gee golly willickers coming out and they might not want to have a open mic then .

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…I agree it seems heavy handed but maybe it was out of control? The attitude, in general…I dunno, just speculating

I hope this is true, progressive new way lead, it fits in with the harassment & discrimination rules implemented in most work places.

you and Red raise some good points on this. But again i dont know if its true or not.

Does seem extreme. Even if the policy is true, I can't see them punishing players who drop F-bombs along the lines while in the heat of battle. Maybe in the locker room or during team meetings, but on field during play?

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It's bloody ridiculous. Maybe the players should all wear skirts as well (as Jack Lambert once suggested for QBs) to make the game more gender friendly. It's another example of political correctness run amuck.



…I don’t see how political correctness weighs into this but perhaps until the story is confirmed it’s best to not speculate…


Please don't hold back, let me know how you feel......I bet you wanted to swear at me ( and likely would if we weren't on this site) that my friend is proof that rules work.......... your welcome

Agreed R/W

Thank you very much but I can be blunt without swearing. I'm pretty good at it in fact.


It's actually Eskimo fans who were swearing after the game.


Yup, I agree your a blunt.

Well at least I'm not grammatically challenged.


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And now sweatergate

Well Hallelujah to Elizondo on this one . I'm not sure about anybody else but I was getting a little sick of seeing Wilder in that ridiculous looking 2 sizes too small jersey that looked like it was bought at the local Kids 'R" Us store.


That was degrading to see a pro CFL player showing off his abs like he was on the Jersey Shore MTV show while on the field of play .