Elizondo, Harris chasing a Grey Cup in Edmonton

When training camps open and teams across the CFL get down to the task of rebuilding the chemistry that gets depleted after a year-and-a-half apart, the Edmonton Elks may have a jump on their share of teams.

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Change is overrated. New to HC? The West & East first place clubs in 2019 had rookie HC's who were long time assistants - non-issue. All the clubs had major changes. The Elks Walker, Edwards & Rodney Smith all played together last year. Ellingson takes SJ Green's spot. Ralph played with them as did Wilder. Familiarity shouldn't be a problem. BC & Calgary have a lot of new faces. Winnipeg stood still - except they didn't. Streveler (6th in rushing), 2 All-Star DB's, star signing Mitchell & LaPolice, the architect on O, are gone. Oh yes, & a guy named Medlock. Riders lost 4 huge stars in Hughes, Judge, Elimimian & Moncrief. I don't see any team having a distinct advantage. Good article.

The title reminds me of my dog, who chases her tail all the time, but never catches it.