Elizabeth II - Passes away at 96

Now that Lizzy has kicked the bucket...

Can we abolish this useless monarchy once and for all???


All in favour! Say aye




And eff king chuck, too!!!


Andrew would be far more interesting.

$60M/yr for the Monarchy
pales in comparison to being Bilingual
This is from 2012 study

Canadian taxpayers are spending $2.4 billion on providing bilingual services each year, according to a new report from the Fraser Institute. Of that, the provinces are spending $900 million, while the federal government used $1.5 billion to ensure Canadians could access services in either French or English.Jan 16, 2012

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You could be a little more polite

Again. Being bilingual serves a purpose. Bowing to the descendants of murderers and rapists does not

ya we should just adopt French as the dominant language.

What purpose does bilingual serve?

The purpose of complicating everything.

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Les bilingues ont compris que c'Γ©tait un commentaire ridicule

God Bless her
She knew which team to cheer for! :tiger: :football:



What? Blaming people for what their ancestors did? Do we blame all Japanese kids today for Pearl Harbor? Do we blame all Mongols for some of the acts committed by the Mongol Hordes of Genghis Khan? Do we blame some 16 year old German kid for the holocaust? Get real.

I don't believe anyone's suggested that. Official bilingualism is precisely that. . BI lingualism.


No of course not, I think you are missing my point
I am not blaming them...but aside from her uncle abdicating the thrown.....Why is she queen and the average Joan is not?
Because of what her ancestors did.
She did nothing to warrant being queen, other than being born in the right order.

Its not her fault what Henry VIII did, but she is Queen because of it

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It will be interesting to see what happens with the status of the Commonwealth countries now Elizabeth has gone - IMO I think it was respect for her personally that has generally kept the republican debate quiet, but now with Charles - especially if he's an ineffective monarch - you might see the dominoes start to fall of Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc. bringing the issue of needing the monarchy out into the open.

As for the monarchy as an institution, it will survive for a good while yet as any UK Prime Minister would be committing career suicide to suggest abolition, while there is always someone in the monarchy the public can warm to, or at the very least respect - you might dislike Charles but respect Elizabeth, you may think Harry is a total idiot but like William & Kate and so on - only way the monarchy as a whole comes into question IMHO is you get a situation in the future where literally all of them are seen as feckless and/or wasteful.

Question for all of you (well, barring the Americans) - what sort of influence, if any, does the monarchy actually have in Canada? Is it seen as just a historical quirk now that the monarch is head of state, or does feeling for the monarchy depend entirely on ancestry - i.e. someone with British descent may have at least a tenuous interest and/or connection, while newer immigrants from other countries find it completely irrelevant, if they even consider or know about the issue at all?

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Barbados just dropped the Queen.
I am not saying that every country under the monarchy should do the same. They can do what ever they want.
My opinion is only for what Canada should do

:rofl: Nah...Worthless, ruling class, leech, inbred types don't deserve it...


I was referring specifically to the UK, as in the UK abolishing the royals and becoming some kind of republic itself.

Plus I am aware of Barbados dropping the Queen, but honestly, very few in the UK really took note of a Caribbean island whose entire population is effectively one medium-sized town becoming a republic - now if Canada or Australia with a population of millions did it, that would definitely gain more attention.

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Anways... the Queen was a classy lady. She managed oversee a relatively peaceful time in history with no major world wars unlike her predecessor.

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