Elizabeth II - Passes away at 96

It may border politics but the end of the second longest monarch reign in history

Ascended in 1952. Do wonder what Canada's role in the Commonwealth with be in the coming years but that will be for later



Led a long life and fulfilled her duties pretty much right to the end…a interesting life too, through interesting times…I’m not a young guy, so it feels weird as she’s always been the queen….

Lots of folks will decry the whole notion of royalty and it’s effectiveness/usefulness over the next few days I suppose….don’t have a deep passion one way or the other…makes for eye-rolling instances though, entertaining…

Long live the king…


I was hoping he might get skipped.

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Days not over yet….

(Is that treason?)

Turns 74 in November. Won't have too much of a shelf life

Do we sing "God save the King" now or does he get his own song?

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau is seen discussing the finer points of football with Queen Elizabeth, during a CFL game in Ottawa on Oct. 15, 1977.


Now that the Queen has passed, its time to dump the Monarchy!

Its the 21st century, no need to worship someone simply because they were born

Think of the money we will save simply by not minting and printing new money. And that is just the start


He won't be skipped

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How much does Canada pay for the monarchy?

They don't "pay" for it, like membership fees so to speak
But the cost of the monarchy is around 60 million per year

who does pay the 60 M?

The tax payer

So ...pullimg teeth here,... you are saying the Canadian tax payer pays the 60 M

anyone else want to weigh in here.

What do you want?
Are you asking who pays?
Or are you asking where the money goes? As in,
What it is that costs 60 million per year?

Ok I will pass bugging you and let the bear sleep. Its just not worth the trouble.

Does anybody else want to weigh in and give their opinion on how the monarchy is funded.

I will ask you again, what exactly do you want to know?

I'm looking at this site here that breaks it down.

The Crown Costs Canadians Over $58 Million Each Year & Here’s How It Breaks Down - Narcity

So it would definitely come from taxpayers but the costs more mostly with the Governor general and running that office. The Lieutenant governors and their operations are part of this too but costs far less.

According to this site, on per capita basis it costs allot more to run the CBC

But the CBC has a purpose, the monarchy does not


Thanks. I wont comment on CBC comparison.