Elite QB's?

What happened? This weekend Henry, Ray and AC all look rather average. The only reason Montreal won this week was because they were play TO. Calgary didn't win because of the play of their QB. The top QB's this week were two guys gunning to keep their jobs - Buck Pierce and Michael Bishop. Buck Pierce's gutsy performance was amazing and at the same time painful to watch but he was the reason BC won that game. The same can be said for Bishop. It is very unusual that the "Elites" would all cough up fur balls on the same weekend. That's the CFL for you.

AC has been one of the best for how long??? The guy is getting old, no denying that. Perhaps he really has entered the twilight of his career? I hope Montreal has been developing another QB, they haven’t seemed to do that in recent year.

Two weeks straight that Bishop was one of the better looking QBs. Hopefully we have a trend starting here.