Elisha Cuthbert named Parade Grand Marshal

DAMNIT!!! I knew I should’ve gotten tickets for the Grey Cup. :cry:


With her squeaky clean image and drop-dead gorgeous good looks she's a good choice who will appeal to both families and the young at heart.

Grats to Calgary for having a parade!

In unrelated news, Elisha Cuthbert has fired her agent....

That's a dumb comment even for an attempted joke. Elisha Cuthbert was born in Calgary but grew up in Montreal and is, I believe, still dating the Flames' Dion Phaneuf.

Well, I liked it. Nothing like Artie semi-stirring the pot prior to Sunday...:lol:

Yeah I'd hit it. :thup:

"The Canadian star of the hit television series "24" and over nineteen Hollywood movies.."

So 20 movies then? I'm not ragging on her, that's more movies than I'll ever be in, but what a weird way to write that.

I here Shawn Avery is Ridding Shotgun , and wearing nothing but a Speedo. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yeah, but the only movie you need to see is The Girl Next Door...


I'd hit it so hard, whoever pulls me outta that would be crowned the next king of england

Why? She's an A-list celebrity who now has to fly to Calgary, spend a frigid day outside pretending to care about a parade she didn't know existed celebrating a sport she couldn't care less about, all so that a bunch of 3/4 drunk rednecks can gawk at her.

Good times....

Interesting thread on this at the Zone...


more than a few don't think so highly of her....

I watch 24 all the time and I don't have a clue who Elisha Cuthbert is. Does she happen to be related to Chris Cuthbert?

You must not have watched all of the seasons. She play's Jack's (Kiefer's) daughter.

And I have been a fan of her since she was on popular mechanics for kids.

...'more than a few' = one guy named Road Dog?!....since when did 4+ = 1?....and because this forum is supposed to be family friendly I'll post the non-family friendly warning here about that link that sambo missed posting.....

Thanks. I know who the character is but i never knew who the actress was that played the role.

She's sounds excited about it. Good for her.

The Grey Cup Festival parade will feature more than 80 entries and nearly 1800 participants, including marching bands, floats, and live musical entertainment. Entrants from Alberta and across Canada, including most of the CFL cities, will be represented," said Kirk.

LOL! That is the funniest thing I have read all week!!

She’s originally from Calgary, dates a guy on the Flames and has been to Calgary a number of times especially since she hooked up with Phaneuf. She was in Calgary doing charity stuff with Phaneuf as recently as Halloween.

Born in Calgary, Cuthbert left the city at the age of one, moving with her family to Vancouver and then Montreal. But she has become a common sight in the city again, since she began dating Calgary Flames defenceman Dion Phaneuf.

She’s been a regular at Flames games and was recently photographed carving pumpkins with Phaneuf for charity at the Ronald McDonald House.

I consider myself a resident, I spend a large portion of my time in Calgary," she says. "It definitely feels like home to me. I love the city and I’ve grown a new appreciation for it over the last two years. I still have my home here in California and for work purposes need to come back whenever work calls. But when I’m not busy here in L.A., I would much rather be in Calgary, that’s for sure.”