Eliminate Video Challenges

The whole reason for instituting video replay challenges, was to ensure the right call was made.
The last 2 weeks have shown that the command centre seems to be ensuring that the WRONG call is made. First BC last week, and now the Cats this week have potentially lost games due to the WRONG calls being made.

This, unlike much on this site, is not my opinion. This is a fact. The video doesn't lie. Harris fumbled last week and Ellingson fumbled this week. That is indisputable--it's on film.

So, why do we wait for video replay, sit on our hands nervous after every great play, just so a play can be challenged and then the wrong call made? What's the point?

Just do away with it now. The person who reviews it in the command center is either dishonest or incompetent. Neither are acceptable.

Fire the person making these errors, and do away with video reviews because it's just become a joke.

And had they not been able to challenge then it would have been a completed catch on the field and Ottawa would have been going for a TD. Instead they had to go for a FG and ended up winning the game by only one point. That could make a difference next week should the Ticats manage to steal a win in Ottawa.

So they replaced a wrong call with another wrong call? So, they compromised?

Again--it's on video. It was a catch and a fumble, that really is indisputable. The reason for the command centre choosing to make the WRONG call is the issue. Did he have money on the game? Is he dishonest or incompetent?

I hear you Tom...
Total B/S.
They should all be fired.
Since they can not perform the job. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

  1. yes, the call was wrong

  2. it's incompetence

  3. although that field goal ended up being the margin of victory, we would not have won the game anyway. We would have gotten the ball in worse field position than we did, and our defence still could not have stopped Ottawa. That's just how we roll. We let opponents do anything they want in their final drive of the game.

If the call was ruled as a fumble on the field, how far would have Mike Daly returned the fumble taking away the poor field position is the question unknown.

I'm sorry TommyBoy, but I refuse to believe that the video guy is being bought off. Just too many mistakes, and against too many teams. Who exactly is benefitting from all these screw-ups? Other than TSN revenues from additional ads?

IMO we have given up our trust in the people on the field to "get it right" and have gone to a technology that is not as good as we had hoped or were led to believe.

Football calls often come down to judgement on the part of the official. Where did the ball carriers knee actually touch? When does blocking become holding or incidential contact become intentonal? On and on. The video guy, in the end, has to rely on his judgement, just like the guy making the original call. That's football.

Let's go back to the call being made, and live with it. Sure, they make mistakes, but how is that different, or worse, then the mistakes now made and then made worse by video review? Besides we would only have one bad call on the play, and one official, to whine about, instead of two!

Was funny to see Austin lose his marbles then collect himself remembring he was in the spotters booth the week before.

Yes, I agree with everything you say. Live with the call on the field by the refs, afterall we have enough of them on the field, eyes every where.

I saw that too…That was classic…

Are you talking about the original call, or the "corrected" replay challenge?

If the first, we don't know, and never will. With regards to the second, if it WAS ruled a fumble, we would have been awarded the ball where Daly picked it up.

In Drew and Steve Milton’s video, uncle Milty said that Andre Proulx was arguing with the Kommand Kommissariate to rule the play a fumble. The Kommand Kommissariate took it upon themselves to over-rule the HEAD REFEREE on the field. Proulx has had a bad rap for a while, but he has turned into, IMHO, the best Referee in the league. That doesn’t explain why the Head Linesman missed a VERY obvious offside call by Ottawa on that play as well…

You're probably right that we would have lost anyway, but it was our only chance. Had the correct call been made, the offense would have had 100 yards in front of them and a 1 point lead. A march and a score, and we win. As I see it, that was our only hope -- the offense winning the game, because we know the defense is incapable of coming up with a big stop. At least the offense would have had a chance.

Yes I am referring to the original call.

And THAT offside should have been caught by the "eye in the sky" although they can't call the penalty, they can inform the ref on the field I believe.

Ok my 2 cents. Ellingson's butt did not hit the turf before ball was jarred loose so the play could have been ruled a fumble. Did Ellingson have control of the ball long enough to constitute a catch? I thought yes but the video review bozos didn't and thus an incomplete pass. Wrong call all the way around!!! Eye in the sky, video review personnel, refs, more reviewers???. The more there are the more diverse calls that will be made. Solution. No clue!! TiCats get screwed no matter what!!!,!,

Just had a look at replay from an angle I hadn't seen and am surprised the Command Centre didn't rule a high head hit on Ellingson on play and give RedBlacks a first down. Wouldn't have surprised anyone.

Glen Johnson, CFL VP of Officiating just fessed up it was a blown call by the Command Center. It was a fumble!

Too late for the TiCats, Too Late for the Lions and too late for the Riders from Labour Day! :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/10/15/cfl-admits-blew-replay-call-ticats-loss-redblacks/]http://3downnation.com/2016/10/15/cfl-a ... redblacks/[/url]

What’s missed in all of this is that Daly probably scores if they rule it correct the first time…on the field. He picked it up with a convoy and was gone.

2 years in a row the cats get robbed by a bad call in a division deciding game. And 2 years in a row the league admits it.

Thanks guys.

Austin makes a mistake. Gets fined. Maas and Reilly get fined. The entire year this group of officials on field and off are the laughing stock of sports and nothing comes of it.

If the league is serious about fixing this, Glenn Johnson will be fired and the command Centre will be replaced by someone that has actually officiated a football game this century.

The whole point in having a command center is to get the call right.

Obviously the workers in the command center are incompetent, and should be not only fired immediately, but also punished somehow. They have affected the outcome of games with their stupid mistakes.

I think the CFL should simply let the CFL on TSN crew decide challenges, by putting up their video angles and audio on the scoreboard when a challenge is called. Climie, Dunnigan, Stegall, Schultz, and Rod Smith never get it wrong.