Elimimian is a worthy candidate for rookie of the year. . . I personally happen to think Thigpen should win it, but Elimimian is a deserving candidate, certainly the west’s top rookie, but there is something else here that hasn’t been mentioned that I recall.

When the season started, in games 1 and 2 he was the backup at outside linebacker, McKenzie was the starting MLB. In game 3 he was a starting OLB and Henderson started at MLB. In game 4 at Toronto on 23 July, Elmimian was the starting MLB, and then the next few games he was backing up McKenzie at MLB before things settled down with McKenzie back on the outside where he belongs and Elimimian as the starting MLB.

So, someone on the defensive side of things, presumably Benavides as the defensive coordinator and linebackers coach, deserves credit for seeing the talent in this kid and moving him to MLB from the outside. Nabobs of negativity will no doubt blame Benavides for not putting him in the middle to begin with . . .

I hope he and Davis get signed to good long contracts. Davis hinted very strongly earlier in the season Buono lowballed him as he was unproven. I'm guessing both will want substantial raises.

Wally has a history of going thru running backs so is Davis long term?

Elimimian is a keeper for sure. He'd look good in Rider Green.