Elimimian fined for helmet hit on Ray

Wow. Is the CFL actually going to start cracking down on helmet-to-helmet hits? :o


I agree with the CFL's position on that hit, but I sure as heck don't agree with the timing of this fine and basic inconsistency in the officiating in this regard. At least the referee called a penalty on that one if I remember correctly?

Expect any hit in which the player is perceived to lead with the helmet on a QB, even on the run, to be called.

Some explanations on that hit were that the penalty was called because Ray appeared to be sliding, but I am not sure and would have to see it again I guess.

Who knows if such fines will be applied later in the CFL akin to what all the fuss is about down here on exactly what is a "defenseless" player and what is a dirty hit besides one that is intentionally helmet-to-helmet as was already against the rules before the new rules of the current NFL season.

The leagues do share information on equipment and safety after all, but the direction of all this is still all too messy given the inconsistencies in officiating on it for starters. :?

Good for the league, you can be aggressive tackler without hits to the head. Just look at the NFL last week, brutal. Guys dropping flies.

...totally unrelated, but last night when the McMahon announcer said Elimimian's name over the PA system the guy behind me said to his buddy "boy, that announcer sure has a hard time saying aluminum"

I think it's funny how people have such a hard time saying his name. I don't find it that difficult. :lol:

Cool, now say "Elimimian Aluminium" five times fast ...if you can manage even once. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm not sure about that. I have my doubts that there would have been a fine or penalty if it hadn't been a QB who was hit.

Absolutely correct, but that's a problem in itself and I'm confident the league will be taking a hard look at that matter for the sake of all players in the offseason.

Players can and will adjust their aiming point when launching at a ball-carrier, and leading with the helmet altogether is already against the rules.

While I am all for seeing QBs stay healthy in this league, I think that unless the QB is hooksliding once he has decided to run the ball, he should not be given any other special consideration. He should be able to be tackled exactly like a RB or receiver.

A ball carrrier is a ball carrier, regardless of what position he is playing and QBs have to measure that risk once they make their decision to take off. Football is a contact sport.