Elijah Thurmon

Thurmon is now listed on the Als' roster; did anyone see any announcement that we had picked him up? I sure didn't............

According to the article "Thurmon brings size to Als' air attack" on the front page, there has been no announcement yet. I would assume it's imminent, though.....

Well...since he is with the team and underwent a physical, I would also assume an announcement is imminent as well.

Great addition to the team! :thup:

The Gazette implied it was a done deal and that Thurmon's signing would be announced shortly. This is good news. Finally, a big, strong athletic receiver! Hopefully he and Calvillo will be able to synch up on the deep routes.

I'm not so sure; Thurmon has never overly impressed me. A good receiver for sure, but I'd rank him maybe as average when compared to all the other receivers in the league. He certainly isn't in the top rank with Simon, Dominguez, Tucker, Lewis, Copeland, Cahoon, et al. Adequate, average. I'm not so sure that's what we need.......I want to see a real speed merchant at WR to stretch opposing defences, and I'm not sure that Thurmon has that kind of speed. But we'll see, rather have him here trying out than not have him I suppose.

MadJack, I agree that Thurmon isn’t a top receiver, not in the same class as the Tuckers, Simons, and Cahoons of the league. However, he’s still good, and moreover, he’s a big body at the wideout position, something we were lacking. And I think you’ll agree that, all things considered, he’s a better option at WR than Thyrone “What? Me lay out to catch a pass?” Anderson.

Didnt i mention something about his name in the Als forum a week ago? -Wow im good.

I think he could be a good fit in the Als playbook. Cahoon OWNS the insides / outs / comebacks... etc. I think I read Wilson left, and Anderson is no longer around either.

Thurmon is a BIG target. He doesn't have blazing speed, no. But he and Cavillo will certainly lock up the fly route im SURE OF IT. He should complement Cahoon very nicely more than anything.

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOO TRUE!!!!!!

I talked to Thurman at camp today. Great guy. Asked him if it was his or the Als idea to get him, didn't really want to say but I did tell him that we need a big 4th WR and with the WR that left from last years team, I hope he gets to be our 4th WR but he'll end up our 3rd or 2nd I think. Happy he's here and VERY happy we dumped Wilson :smiley:

Too be completely honest, I didn't think the Als receiving corps was that bad at all.

Cahoon, Stala, Watkins, Stokes, and Chris Davis, played pretty well when he played.

With the addition of Thurmon, I think he will play with something to prove and is a tall athletic receiver who can catch a deep ball.

With Watkins and Thurmon outside, and Stala, Stokes and Cahoon on the inside, and of course with Calvillo delivering the ball, and to add a great o-line (who hopefully plays better than last year) with in my opinion the best Running Back in the league, RObert Edwards. I think our Offence is gonna be pretty good.

I like the signing a pretty big name like Thurmon was what we needed! Now lets kick some a$$!!!