Elijah Thurmon

I know this happend a few days ago, but I just signed up. All I have to say is.....HA HA! Thurmon got cut by Calgary. He thought he'd leave us and win a Grey Cup with Henry. Well that didn't happen, they lost in the West Semi-Final against, who was that again...oh, yeah the RIDERS! So I hope he enjoys the unemployment line because I doubt anybody would actually sign him. Nobody really needs a receiver, except for maybe Edmonton. Serves him right.

Of course he'll be signed...

hamilton needs receivers.

He would be a good fit in hamilton,

But then again, im starting to think montreal may need a receiver or 2

I'm guessing Hamilton. Most of the other teams seem pretty set at the receiver position, but I guess time will tell where he ends up.

I mean, it's not like the man cant play, because he can. I hope the Riders dont call him - but with the receivers they have been getting, I suppose its a possibility. :roll:

i think he'll end up in hamilton, posibly edmonton since hervey retired

He went to Montreal.

Wow im good... Ask me where Warren Moon will go now- lol