Eli Manning goes undercover as walk-on tryout at Penn State LOL

Eli Manning went undercover at Penn State as walk-on "Chad Powers" OMFG so funny


i was homeschooled… mom was my coach! LMAO

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"Did you get good grades?"
"Oh, your mom was tough (teacher)?"
"No, she wasn't very smart..."


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"I see something in him" and the compliment of the other guy's moustache! :rofl:

So much comedic gold in that one!

For those who have not seen it yet, via YouTube after you do a search on Chad Powers you can also watch the complete 15-minute clip.

I just found out that this skit created such a good stir beyond football circles that Eli Manning showed up on the Tonight Show as was aired last night too, which I will check out now.

You sure like to start a lot of threads, huh?

who me? no i like discussing football. starting threads is a way to do it. is that ok bro?

It's fine, but at the time I looked at the main board and about 1/3 of the threads were started by you. It just seems like you're trying to saturate the whole board with yourself. If overdoing things makes you happy then do it I guess.

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yes you are board police, i know.

thing is, i did t start them all at the same time. they. just keep going to the list top because people post in them. like this one.

No, not at all. If you can't take criticism then maybe you shouldn't be on the internet. I'm not against you at all. Just observing that you like to really make a lot of threads, which is in fact true.

The sky is blue... does that truth offend you also? Toughen up.

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uhm ok, and so posted to state the obvious. thanks for splainin ’ all that.

lol toughen up! listen to you mr tough love guy.

So how many threads are you going to start today? 10? 20? 100?

why do you care???


There’s no limit to the number of posts or number of topics someone can individually contribute, as long as they’re relevant to the CFL and follow the forum rules. The league is not going to stand in the way of ardent fan support….


One of us!
One of us!
One of us!