Eli coming to Edmonton

well, i've heard the esks have this runningback, Ron McClendon, who is real good. he was on the titans practice squad last year, i hope he can fill in as starter this year.

anyway, he went to college with Eli Manning, and they were good friends; so, Eli and a couple of NFLers have rented a sky box at some esks home game to come watch him

Big deal ha ha ha ha I guess you Eskie fans will have some excitement this year! Watching them in the the box.

i wanna see this mcclendon guy more actually....maybe we'll have a RB controversy as well....seeing all the young, talented RBs in edmonton.

If McClendon came out of Mississippi at the same time as Manning, he likely never saw a handoff or pitch out, so how can he be "real good"?

hey im trying to be positive here:

he played on the titans practice squad so he'll have some talent, and maybe he could develop into something good

the point i was making was that McClendon came from teams that were pass oriented. Maybe Chris Brown had over a 1K rushing for TT, but the offence strategy was geared to the pass. I just don't think running backs develop without playing. I don't doubt that if McClendon has talent, that MacDermott will find it. He's an old pro.

look how much better dominguez and keith were after just attending the camps