ELF is Still Alive?

Just saw this and was surprised
European League of Football (ELF)
What struck me as odd is how many of the teams seem to be old NFL Europe (aka WLAF) survivors
I was under the impression NFL Euro died but apparently not so
The teams reformed a new league and are going on

2nd year of existence. There’s money behind the league. Some of the players will and have graduated to Spring Football in the states. Eventually some will trickle over to the CFL because of Global players (if they haven’t already).

The NFL Europe branding died but the teams didn't - by the end it was virtually an all-German league anyway so may as well stick with the names the fans already supported.

Although It's nice to see Poland, Austria and Turkey with representation who never got a look-in with NFL Europe.


This year's global draft featured a few players out of ELF. I'm not sure if any of them stuck, though. And I think there are now a few players on rosters over there that were globals on CFL rosters in 2019 and 2021.

I've posted this on other threads, but Barcelona has a Canadian DB, I believe.

And the Hungarian team Chris Merchant plays QB for are slated to join ELF next season.


From what I read, the NFL gifted the ELF the old NFLE IP's free of charge. Hence why you see some familiar names. I don't believe any of the teams histories and stats carried over however.


Lions' 2022 global draftee just signed in the ELF. After the combine, I was hoping he'd have what it takes to stick in the CFL. Seems like a fun character.


Another CFL connection with ELF. McGill grad and former Elks global making an impact on D in Europe.

And a former Ticat global signs with Berlin:


A big match of undefeated ELF teams. Barcelona has Waterloo alum Lautaro Frecha at DB, so I'll be cheering for them.


lol even the ELF has an even number of teams. c’mon CFL get on it!


You do know its not up to the CFL

If not the CFL, who’s it up to to grow the league then?

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Its up to someone with the money to buy a franchise and put the team in a city with a stadium.

The league is not Oprah....You get a team and you get a team and you get a team

But don't you think the league plays a role in attracting people with money to buy franchises?

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Sure, but even if they do, there are no stadiums, look at halifax. There is nothing the league can do

Even then the league would have to approve it, so totally up to the CFL


The area looks beautiful and has a captured population to themselves one would think a developer who wanted to add a stadium district surrounding it would want in by now in Halifax .

Don't know the municipal /provincial politics there very well for getting things done but it must be extremely slow and tiresome or someone would've brought a regional stadium with all the extras like hotel , commercial to the area to ponder .

I believe the current attempt of CFL ownership there wanted what they had in Ottawa but I really didn't see the over all plan at all that one would have for such an involved plan ;

just a community stadium with non detailed renders .

by your logic, anyone with money to buy a team and an arena (or arena lease) could just join the NHL without being approved by the league, Bettman or the other owners / board of governors.

or anyone who builds a new football stadium in a few years and acquires a team, they can just join the CFL without approval and be welcomed with open arms.

also what the hell does Oprah have to do with this?


Ok....so then its the CFL's fault that there are no stadiums, no one wanting to build a stadium and no-one wanting to buy a team?

Right...getting a new team is totally up to the CFL

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What does that have to do with anything
Going back to your original Statement

There are no owners wanting to buy a team and there are o stadiums to play in
Exactly what do you want the CFL to do?

I am not even going to waste my time.

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