ELF is back

The European League of Football is back for year 4, and the Paris Musketeers look unstoppable. Back to back games against Frankfurt and Rhein Fire coming up. It’s gonna be fun to watch!



I wish they would post statistics for the league. Can’t seem to find anything

It’s because they changed the Stat software this year. It’s coming up soon, don’t worry

Attendance at least we know, and it’s up from last year, to keep up with past years trend. 500k+ global attendance is a realistic goal

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Cool promo video for the Paris Musketeers



/Levitates into room from behind curtain
//Puts on echo voice

As my people inform me that I have been summoned,
and because I happened upon the following link last night when seeking alternative relief,
to watch the game in light of our recent pirate catastrophe,
as you know,
your wish has been granted.

No, I don’t know much about what this all is, but they do have scores and maps.

On this page is a statement from the EFL Commissioner:

You are welcome. Ommmmm…

///Levitates back behind curtain.