:( I really believe that the sad-sack Ottawa Renegades would still lose if the Argos only fielded 11 players to Ottawa's regular 12 for their next two encounters. That's how far rock- bottom the Ottawa team has reached. As a long- tme, and die-hard Ottawa football fan, this really hurts. Go Joe, Go. Please go, and take your secial teams coach with you. Don't bother to turn out the lights. They're already out! :(

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O'Billovich and Ritchie will stay with the Lions:


Ree-Peet what BC_Boy?

Could never figger those BC guys out!

I think this is a bit of a slap in the face to Gades fans, no?

Not so much a slap in the face, Eski-Moses, as a good swift kick in the nether-regions. It is a little harsh.

It's Really Ashame Cause Ottawa's A Pretty Good Team And Paopao's A Good Coach. Even Though Ottawa's Most Likely Going To Make The Playoffs He's Going To Get The Boot. Although Vinc, Don't Holdd Your Breath, Ottawa Only Has To Beat Toronto Once And Capture Both Victories Agaisnt Hamilton To Tally A Total Of 9 Wins. Not Really An Unreallalistic Goal Since They Can Easlily Beat Hamilton And By The Time They'll Be Playing Toronto The Game Won't Mean Anything To The Argos Standings But A Lot To Ottawa's So See The Players Really Step It Up At The End Of The Season.

Bamboo 3 more wins would only give Ottawa 8 wins. I don't see them getting those 3 wins. 2 probably. I still think the Crossover is gonna happen. Riders and Stamps really only have to get 1 or 2 more wins for this to be almost for sure.
I like the gades. I wish they were a better team, and I wish they hadn't beaten us twice.

Opps Your Right, I Missed The Game vs. Montreal. Then I Take Back Everything I Just Said. Ottawa Won't Make The Playoffs, Paopao Will Be Gone, Montreal Will Finish On Top Of The Division.

no, the choces, they don't make any sense!


The Renegades are just not understood! Ask the refs!