Electronic Season Tickets for 2016

I just received my season ticket package in the mail tonight "GREAT LOOKING TICKETS"
My complaint is as of next year 2016 season tickets will be electronically done or we have a option to pay more to get the actual ticket in ticket form.
This is very disappointing as every year I frame my tickets in a nice frame to hang in the Catcave and now we have to pay extra for this! Thats not right, we should not have to pay extra for tickets we already bought, and some people dont have access to a computer or a smart phone, or access to a printer!

Am I following you correctly? You just received you tickets now? I received mine (Als) Back in may

We get a book of actual tickets but we can print them, email them to someone or transfer them to our phones

What I did this year was go to the ticket office at the stadium and ask them to print regular tickets for me.
This way I don't have to carry my book to the game and it will stay in pristine codition

Saw that letter as well. Had a ?.

If we pay extra are we getting the nice season tickets or just those small printed out generic tickets?

On one hand it is pretty cool you can use your phone, unless of course you drop your phone in a puddle right before entering the gates :expressionless:

Really May?!? Not fair!

Thankfully We have the same option as you to not use our nice tickets.

Electronic tickets are the way of the future. The BC Lions, I believe, give their season ticket holders a card that gets scanned. I hope the Ticats go to that one day, but if not, the new options for 2016 are just as good. Offering electronic tickets will also cost teams less, meaning they can allocate funds elsewhere. If you want printed tickets, then you pay for it. I fail to see the issue.

Really? you don't see an issue with having to pay above what you already put down for tickets?

I'd be very impressed if the cost of printing tickets isn't already in the price of season seats.

Are you buying Tickets? Or entrance to watch the game? I know its semantics but you will get what you pay for regardless of of the ticket format and that is a seat at the game.

I keep all my season ticket books and never remove a ticket and hope the Als keep issuing them. By the way, most of my tickets are signed by the player they feature

This year the Als did something cool. The tickets feature a photo of some on the fans, with me being one of them

I think most teams are heading in this direction now, and not just the CFL.

My tickets this year in Saskatchewan came on a plastic card that gets scanned at the gate. You can also log into your account and transfer or print off individual games so you don't have to give out your ticket card.

It looks like this and it can be attached to a lanyard.

Love the Card Idea and if those seat # and section is right in your pic ill be in row 7 sec 23 seat 35 next Sunday , gonna be cool to see Mosaic before she bites the bullet :slight_smile: in Black and Gold though hehe :rockin:

You are paying for admission to the game. Regardless of how you get into the game, that is what the money you plunk down is for, not a piece of paper with a picture on it. They may look nice, but are no longer a necessity. Again, I fail to see the issue. Everyone will get their ticket, only now it will be electronically. If you need more than that, then you pay more.

The reason we just got them is because our first home game is in August

A friend who I go to a few Jays games a year with has a 12 game Jay flex pack and this year it came in the form of what looks like a blue wallet sized gift card with a Blue Jay logo on it. His name and Blue Jay account number appear in small type at one corner and that's it. No bar codes or magnetic strips. There is no information about the seat locations visible on the card at all. All he does is tap the card at the entrance turnstile - much like Presto Transit Cards here in the GTHA. The turnstiles they have now at Rogers Centre for Jays games are all 'smart' turnstiles where the actual turnstile scans your tickets and if using the card you tap it and then the turnstile prints out two receipts with his seat locations - one for each of his two seats.

His account also allows him to print and email tickets to others if he is not going. He can even load up cash on to the card too if he wants and that allows him to buy food, drinks or souvenirs in the Rogers Centre on that card so that he doesn't even have to take any money to ball games. He can just tap at the concessions for food and drinks too if he wants to if he's loaded up some money onto the account.

That way he says he just leaves his Jays card in his wallet and never has to worry about remembering to grab tickets especially for some weeknight games where he might not be going home between work and the game. He loves it!

That sounds totally awesome.

For those who want something to frame (and I get the need) they could always frame the card. I hope the Ticats come up with something like this. It will make it much easier to attend games. Being OCD I tend to check my pocket for the ticket a couple of times on my way to the stadium. As I never leave home w/o my wallet some of my OCD behaviour will be forever lost - which is a good thing. :wink:

8) I also like the idea of a season ticket, Card. Would make things much easier !!
   If you want nice, fancy looking tickets, then just pay whatever price the Ticats  want for them !!
    Plain  and simple for everyone involved.

I agree, the card sounds like a great idea and they should also continue the option of a printed ticket for those who request them.

My question is how much extra? If its 5-10$ then we are crying about nothing here, if you really want to frame them just pay the extra bit. Now if we are talking like 25$+ or something outrageous well then I can see an argument.

The Pittsburgh Penguins do an interesting thing where the sell jerseys to their STH's at a reduced price which has a RFID chip sewn into the sleeve which acts as not only your entrance but also gets you a discount for all concessions.

Encourages more fans to wear a jersey to the game & rewards them for doing so.

Neat idea that obviously works better in a controlled environment like an arena. An outdoors venue may be more difficult. But something to consider working with/upon nonetheless.

Would that mean if you couldn't go to the game you would have to find somebody about the same size to loan your jersey to? :slight_smile:

I should also say/mention that they, the team/organization, needs to first address the issue of why STH's who get a discount on merchandise sold at the Jarvis Street store DO NOT get the same at the in-stadium outlets. I, as many STH's do not reside in Hamilton. Making a special trip to Head Office just to get the items we want is not always feasible nor cost effective.

Would be nice to see them honour the STH discount in both places. I know it's curtailed my purchasing behaviour in the past.

@TravelPat - I don't think so! I think you still have the Card or Phone App option!

But that'd sure make the secondary market interesting!