Electronic Noise Penalty

There was a delay of game for the Esks tonight for using electronic devices while the visiting team’s offense was in their 20 second clock. I think that every stadium in the CFL does this with the exception of Taylor Field. We just have a gopher with a couple of signs that he holds up! Really gets the crowd rockin! lol

I was at the game when that was called and everyone was puzzled as hell.

Electronic devices? What electronic devices?

The polar bear was holding up his “D-Fence” signs, Mobley and a couple other players were encouraging the crowd, therte was no music on the loudspeaker, and the replay screen was showing a Tim Horton’s logo at the time.

I seriously don’t get it.

The rule is stupid and it just needs to be that they spot the play and repeat the down without the peneilty!!!

The only penalty should be if they’re piping crowd noise through the speakers. There’s nothing wrong with the words “Make Noise” on the jumbotron. Thats been a staple in sports for decades. CFL officiating was terrible last year, and terrible this year.

Yup, crapy officiating and the Jumbotron thing is just a joke…We got nailed for it here, then Edmonton get nailed for it… :shock:

if they are making electronic noise i say call a penalty. if it is merely a sign that suggests fans make noise. that should be fine. this penalty is ridiculous