Electricty prices?

The good people at Hydro Quebec :roll:
Have recently announced that even thought they made a profit last year of 2 billion dollars they have no choice but to again raise the rates. They claim that Quebec pays the lowest electricity prices in the country. I do believe this to be true but I also wonder what the rest of the country pays

Here we pay 40 cents per day plus 5 cents per kilowatt hour for the first 1290 kilowatt hours and then 6.2 cents per after that.

How much does everyone else pay?

Interesting ro........here in Manitoba we pay a basic charge of $6.25 per month, 5.78 cents on the first 175 kWh and 5.654 there after, in addition to the 14% for GST and PST we also pay a city tax of 2.5%........I would have to think that Quebec and Manitoba do have the lowest rates in the country since we are one of the few who export it........

While Quebec has a lower rate for the electricity we pay more for the basic charge. Based on my last bill I paid 9$ more for 2 months than if I used the same amount there because of the basic rate. It should be less as it gets colder and heating comes into play. If one used electricity for heat that is

Very interesting topic. I understand that there is a slight currency difference between our countries, but I would love to know what one of the posters on this thread's average bill for a month would be?

I recieved my bill this week for 63 days with electric heat,(baseboard) 5 rooms was $115

:shock: :shock: :shock: That's $57.5 per month and you said that's your heat as well? That's pretty darn good in my book.

My wife and I have an electric stove (which is used every day) but no electric heat. We turn off all lights when we leave a room, basically we are money conscious, but we still pay about the same for our electric.

I am not complaining
Dont forget that that is for Nov and Dec the real heating is yet to come.
My entire electricty bill for all of last year, lights stove, heat, dryer in the winter was $680

Our electric bill runs about $100/month.....plus energy at about $135/month.....you got off easy, ro.....

The whole year???? I just added up our past 11 bills....$864.28

I know you're not complaining......but I am!!! your electricity bills are awsome!!

Shocking isn't it
Could not help myself on that one.

Even at rates like that Hydro Quebec made 2 billion profit and they want to raise rates again

........my electricity bill for November was $11,824.06.........a lot of this was due to leaving the hot tub on without it's cover and we forgot to shut off the oven in the oven in the guest house for like three weeks straight.....but the computers running in the lair are taking an untold amount of energy, as well as the charging of numerous lithium cell batteries to keep the various portable instrumentation items viable.......no sympathy required, just trying to share info.........

Wow you have an oven inside of an oven?? Is that where you put the bodies??

11 grand, Wow. But I guess you get it all back when you sell all the hydroponic products. :lol:

.....just the Turducken bodies, in the oven in the oven..........

.........ar, gee, what a hockey game ar, eh..........


I pay $174 per month to Ontario Hydro (previous to this month it was $150/ mo., and last year at this time it was $137 per month). I also pay $155 per month for gas.

Got a nice Christmas present (hint of sardasm) on this month's hydro bill, though: a one time credit of $120.24. So my final bill for this year is $53.76.

It's not cheap to live in Ontario.


I just paid $122.00 for gas this month, but I'm on the budget plan, I think the charges were something like 180ish or so for November.... my electricity was I think in the 170 range, but my water, sewer and power are all on the same bill so I really only remember the totals, not so much the breakdown.

BTW, I'm in calgary for those that don't know.

You pay for sewer?
I have heard of a water meter althought I dont have one, and a electricty meter but never a flush-o-meter!!!

If I remember correctly, it's like a contingency fee type thing, to finance sewer line maintenance/replacement. But yeah, we've only got the water meter, the gas meter and the electrical meter. I'll have to check my statement when I remember to see what the sewer component is for, unless other Calgary Enmax customers can tell me sooner..... :slight_smile: