Elected Senate

So much talk of politics. As it is the most popular topic at the moment, I thought I would throw out this idea I've had for an elected Senate.

I believe that the House of Commons, in itself, does what it is supposed to do, in terms of representation. Everyone's vote is worth the same. But since their is so much talk of under representation to the regions of the country with less people, a triple E senate, I believe, would cure a number of problems of national unity. My model, though not quite triple E, would also provide the provinces with more power at a federal level, so, hopefully, this would bring about the killing of two birds, while also acting as a balance to the power of the reigning party.

Here's how it goes:

Elected body:

  • Every province elects 8 senators, representing an equal geographic area. This will result in 80 senators.
  • Every territory elects a senator, representing the whole territory. This will result in 3 senators, and 83 in total.

Non-elected body:

  • Every provincial and territorial government dispatches a deputy to sit in the senate, to represent and promote the will of their respective governments. This will result in 13 senators, and 96 in total.
  • Each party represented in the House of Commons dispatches one deputy to sit in the senate, to promote the will of their party. Under the last government, this would result in 4 senators, bringing the grand total to 100 senators.


  • All elected senators are independent candidates. The original senators were ment to provide a sober second thought, and being free from party lines will better allow that.
  • Senators will be elected through first past the post. Given how they are independent, proportional balloting I don't believe would work.
  • If the senate did have a party system and proportional representation, would it not be just a more or less carbon copy of the house?

That's the base of it; it still needs to be fleshed out, but that's my idea.

I do believe some of the Atlantic provinces have a population close to the territories. Your system gives the territories 1 and the Atlantic provinces 8 not exactly fair

Territorial pop (approx):
Nunavut - 30 000
NWT - 40 000
Yukon - 30 000

Pop Atlantic Provinces (approx):
PEI - 150 000
NL - 530 000
NS - 950 000
NB - 750 000

ok never mind :oops:

sounds good but I'd rather have a house for the provinces with 2 reps each and the other vote on general population.

I believe that there will be more provinces in Canada's future, so that will increase the number of senators.

8 reps isn't bad, but if the number of provinces goes up, that will require more seats.

You believe that their will be more provinces??? Where? when? How? most importantly WHY?

And don't say Alaska, because that just isn't gonna happen.

Yukon, NWT, New Brunswick may spilt up, Labrador, Ungava, etc.

Nunavut may become an Autonomous one, so would Alaska if the joined up.

Labrador and Ungava (which would be Nunavik) would form territories. There are only 30 000 folks in all of Labrador, 5000 of which are in the new semi-autonomous territory of Nunatsiavut. Any division of the Yukon and NWT would simply herald more territories (Inuvaliut and Denedeh?). A division of New Brunswick is unlikely, if you mean a reformation of Acadia. There is a definite division among the people there, but such a province of Acadia would collapse rapidly (it really is the economic basket case of the country, Northwest NB, the outlook there is bleak, with the mines re-opening and closing in rapid succession, and that being effectively the only industry in some areas, like Bathurst).

So if Nunatsiavut and Ungava were to merged, they become "Nunavik"?

and what are Inuvaliut and Denedeh? Bathurst?

So if Acadia was resurrected, it would be heavy dependent on the government?

Nunavik is the Inuit name for the Northern half of Quebec ("new Quebec"), and there has been at least one movement for an independent region like Nunavut to be set up there. Nunatsiavut is the Labrador Inuit's home territory, which they get to administrate with the Newfoundland government. I'm pretty sure the capital is Nain. Here's their website: http://www.nunatsiavut.com/en/indexe.php

Inuvaliut is the region of the western Arctic of Canada, while Denedeh is a Dene word, more or less representing the mainland of the NWT. However, last time a referendum was held on the name of the NWT, NWT came in first and Bob in second.

In my opinion, an Acadian province would be the most dependent of all the provinces of Canada. The unemployment and poverty rates are spectacular, and there is very little industry outside of Mining, Forestry, and Tourism (the region has wondrously beautiful parks). There is also a more than noticable gap in the population - for instance at Titan games in Bathurst, I have been told that the English and French people sit self-segregated on different ends of the arena. The Acadians are a great people, but in my experience, their are some major problems there. However, much of my knowledge is second-hand (I've only been there once - I've some family there), so things may have improved.


so Denedeh is another word for the NWT? is Inuvaliut in Nunavut?

Denedeh is some name I've seen thrown around for the NWT, I haven't a clue whether it's official or not - it probably was a name for one of the NWT's districts, like Franklin and Keewatin.

Inuvaliut is west of Nunavut, essentially comprising the NWT coastline.

And Bob is a funny story. Back when it became official that Nunavut would come into existence, what would become the present NWT held a referendum on what their name would be when Nunavut came into existance. The Northwest Territories won a solid victory, but "Bob" came in second place.

I've been throwing the names of Verusa and Belka around for the NWT. I got those names from a video game call Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, which oddly enough takes place on a world that looks like Canada!!!

do you think that Gaspeaie and/or Sabury in Quebec have a chance to become provinces? under a Quebec autonomous state of course, or are they 100% Quebecois?

Gaspesie and Saguenay? No, though the Saguenay is an un-official kingdom (old native myth of blond haired people living in a rich city called the kingdom of Sageunay - it was Canada's El Dorado). Both are strongholds of separatists within Quebec. If Quebec formed it's own nation with a Federal system, I could imagine Saguenay as it's own "provence", Gaspesie might be lumped in with the rest of Quebec's south shore. Not too many people there to establish their own government, Rimouski and Riviere-du-loup are the only cities, to the best of my knowledge.

However, as long as Quebec is in Canada, the Saguenay and Gaspesie will be in Quebec. They are 100% Quebecois

good stuff, thanks for everything, Zartan!

I had to ask about Gaspesie cuz they have an awesome flag, which to me suggest some kind of organization.

http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/ca-qc-ga.html http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/ca-qc-sa.html http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/ca-bc-vi.html

Vancouver Island could be a good place as well. but unlikly.


this is pretty cool too.


I love that flag, too.

I agree that if we were to carve up Canada into more provinces, Vancouver Island would probably be the best we could do. However, there have been movements to establish a new province out of Northern Ontario, to form a single province of “Toronto”, and at one time Cape Breton was its own colony. Wouldn’t having a province with Gaellic as an official language be fun?

“Chad’s bhios maide anns a’ choill cha bhi foill an Cuimeanach.”

Northern Ontario? I would have thought Western Ontario would try for it, but no flag means to me it isn't really organized. Somebody should make a site about the chance of new Canadian provinces.

I see Toronto merging with most of the cities in the Golden Horseshoe and Hamilton to from the city of Toronto-Hamilton someday, and become like a New York City metropolis, but not a province.

Cape Breton has an independent movement like Quebec, so I propose changing them into there only Autonomous States within the confederation. as I point out in the Name the new Western country topic.

It’s hard to organize things in the wilderness. But the people have been getting fed up with the south for years, claiming the usual: mismanagement of resources, apathy, etc. But if a flag won’t do it for you, Northern Ontario already has its own Curling Team (rink) - they won a bunch of briers years ago.

that’s good! but I think I’d like to see Ontario stay together. I think you need a flag to show some teeth to your cause.

I think they have a pet moose!