Eksie /Tiecat Trade not over? Season End!

It was reported by a reporter from Edmonton on the Fan960 that at season end Jason Maas will go to hamilton for Belli and a 1st round draft choice. The trade is part of the trade that took place yesterday. What is every ones thoughts. So I guess let the Printers sweepstakes begin!


They can't trade Maas!

Who will call the coin toss and hold the ball for placekicking?

Personally I think they are trading the wrong QB!

Maas hasn't played at all with RR back in Edmonton so what would Esks fans be missing in Maas? I'm glad he's been a class act for the Esks being a back up. Maybe Printers could learn a thing or two. Maas deserves to be a starter somewhere.

I agree very classy player!

Extremely classy. . .now let's shoo him on over here to Saskatchewan, please. . .thank you very much. . .

The riders will have to trade for him through Hamilton apparently this is a done deal as soon as the season is over.


now what is KJ going to do? I think he should go back to the Bombers.

I think KJ will end up in AFL

I don't think he is really an Arena player, but that would be intreresting to see, I can say that that guy played for my CFL team to my american buddies.

That is the only option for KJ other then movies!

boy, would KJ story make a great trajic movie! :lol:

The kissing lineman is going to moses team????

Now thats funny!!!! Pucker up Montford, heres a little tongue
AJ. Should be good for a laugh or three.

I don't like the idea of losing Belli. The last thing we need is another season of trying to rebuild our defensive line.

If we give them just the Cats' first round pick (possibly 1st overall), and look at all three trades together:

Esks got:
Star DE Joe Montford
Star HB Troy Davis (option year)
Upgraded first round pick (Cats' pick for Esks' pick)

Ticats got:
QB Jason Maas (backup in Edmonton; probable starter in Hamilton)
WR Brock Ralph (option year; still not a proven starter)
Backup DB Tay Cody

That seems pretty fair to me. The Esks still lose very little, but have gained a whole lot.

If he's telling the truth, then the deal is already done, albeit under the table.

Though there is really no conceivable way he could know this, since all staff on both teams would be required to keep their mouths shut.

BigDave, I'll take a wager with you that "back-up" Tay Cody will be "starter" Tay Cody at the start of the 2006 season. He showed great awareness in all the games he played, and wasn't fooled by receivers' moves. He's better than people think.

You just can't sit Malcolm Frank nor Davis Sanchez if they are healthy. So yeah, he was a back-up in Edmonton, but he could start pretty much everywhere else. I'd trade both Darrel Crutchfield and James Withley for him. Or I'd trade Kelly Malveaux.

Granted, Cody will probably end up starting for Hamilton. But as a backup he isn't really adding much to the value of the team in Edmonton, so the Esks aren't giving up much by trading him. Likewise, considering Maas, barring an injury to Ray, would likely just be holding on field goals, the Esks aren't losing much by trading him, either.

Look at what each team gets, and what they give up:

The Esks get two star players, plus an earlier pick in the draft, for a backup QB, a backup DB, and a receiver. If I were Edmonton, I'd make that trade.

The Ticats get a starting QB, a starting DB, and a receiver for a couple of star players who didn't appear to fit into their plans for the future. If I were Hamilton, I'd make that trade.

This would be one of those trades where everybody wins.

yes he did