Ejections - Please clarify

Did anyone hear the announcement of the calls on that play? We were busy yelling at the helmet tosser in the endzone.

  • Two Riders get ejected and 1 Ticat (we should be 25 yards ahead) +25 Cats

  • AFTER the ejection Austin takes a penalty and so did Tiller so those even out. EVEN

  • The Rider throws his helmet, Flags everywhere... Has to be another 15. +15 Cats

I didnt see the Riders get moved back, but by my calculations its 25 for the ejection and 15 more for the helmet.

Yes, I asked that earlier in "Big turning point today" but it was buried so I posted the question as a separate topic (about the same time you did apparently :slight_smile: )

Where did those extra Rider penalty yards go?

Interested fans would like to know.


Someone definately messed up the math on this one. Not enough zebra fingers and toes to figure it out.

We should have gained a lot more than 10 yards.


This is in the game summary on the scores page.

PENALTY SASKATCHEWAN: M. ABOU-MECHREK Rough Play Disqualified (25 yds),
PENALTY SASKATCHEWAN: J. JONES Rough Play Disqualified (25 yds),
PENALTY SASKATCHEWAN: J. O'DAY Objectionable conduct (10 yds),
PENALTY SASKATCHEWAN: J. JONES Objectionable conduct (10 yds),
PENALTY HAMILTON: T. TILLER Rough Play Disqualified (25 yds),
PENALTY HAMILTON: D. ANDERSON Objectionable conduct (10 yds),
PENALTY HAMILTON: D. ANDERSON Unnecessary Roughness (15 yds),
PENALTY HAMILTON: M. ROBERTS Unnecessary Roughness (15 yds)

when the Rider player threw his helmet to take their final pentalty the Cat player was thrown another objectional conduct call on his way off too.

The officials are totally to blame on this one. First of all, after the initial scrum there were only two flags thrown yet they took over 10 minutes to "sort things out" allowing the players to continue to jaw at each other and get more frustrated. Then all of a sudden players are getting pentalties left, right and centre off of two flags confuses them and frstrates them more an dthey begin to argue with an official. From there it was monkey see monkey do as once one official threw a flag another thought they should too. HORRIBLE!!!! but expected in the CFL.

I think that there were other objectional contact calls that we received more of than the Riders besides the ejections. If someone has the time they might be able to figure out from this CFL game day link. http://www.cfl.ca/stats_pdf_game/2007/67scoring.pdf

Well perhaps is you look at the CFL site for the stats: http://www.cfl.ca/stats_pdf_game/2007/67scoring.pdf

Abou & Jones each got 25 yards for Rough Play, ODay and Jones each got 10 for Objectionable Conduct for a total of 70 yards.

Tiller got 25 for Rough Play, Anderson got 10 for Objectionable, plus he got 15 for Unnecessary Roughness and Roberts also got 15 for UR, which is 65 yards.

So before you start giving the refs crap, perhaps you might want to check out the facts!

Still blame the ref as I was at the game and from the announced call on the field, it seemed the Riders had more and the worst of the calls.

Roughing both ways.

3 ejections (1 Cats, 2 Riders)

objectionable conduct (Riders)

But with all the flags flying every which way, who could tell what was going on.


So Anderson took a 15 and a 10, and on the next play a 15...good solid teammate!!!

The last one was a complete joke. Never should have gotten that and if you want to point the finger you should also point it at the coaches of BOTH teams for allowing their players to stand on the field and jaw off at the refs. He took the 10 trying to defend Tiller and make a case with the refs.

I think it was all stupid. It happens in the NFL they call offsetting roughing penalties and go on with the game, then nobody loses their cool on the refs because players are being thrown out for nothing. Was it really that bad? most of the penalties were because the refs decided to throw players out over a little scrum. Just inept cfl refs once again.

A joke? It's a joke that both Riders got kicked out for sticking up for Jospeh. Tiller was on top of jospeh going after his head after they play was over..obviously his teammates are going to protect him. Especially since we were playing a team that is long out of it and doesn't give a d*mn about playing football. And then Moreno had MM by the face mask, ripped his helmet off his head, tore MM's jersey but yet MM got thrown out for holding his own...that is a complete joke. Also Schultz's jersey was ripped clear in half which doesn't surprise me since he was held and dragged to the ground every single play. You guys got a huge break on that but it didn't matter because the 2 new O-lineman came in and led the way for Jospeh to score on the qb draw anyways so I wouldn't be complaining too much over there....

I thought it was a lot of over kill on the officials calls. Hopefully George Black will re-instruct his boys…again.

this is a valid question....e-mail George Black..he will answer you back within the week. He is good that way.

Anderson deserved what he got. That was the second-worst bone-headed play I have seen this year (Armstead running the ball out of the endzone to the 5 takes the cake). Anybody with two working nurones should know that ANYTHING percieved as a "late hit" would be penalized on the next play. I admire agressiveness, but...

Just how drunk WERE you??.. Tiller was going trying to pull the FOOTBALL out of Joseph's hand.... the football.. you know that brown thing everyone chases all over the field... get your eyes checked!

joseph was punching our guy

Yea he WAS going after the ball then when he realized how much stronger jospeh was when he couldm't get the ball, he took a couple shots at his head and then got pulled off but yet 2 o-lineman got kicked out..Tiller had no right going after Joseph on the ground like that, he was DOWN. I could see if he fumbled then by all means dive in there and wrestle for the ball but that was just pathetic. Then he gets up yelling "That's crazy" like he didn't do anything..tell me the part where the Riders should have got booted for saving their QB. Oh and while you are at it explain why McCullough got kicked out when Moreno ripped his helmet off and tore his jersey? How does Moreno not get kicked? Explain that to me...

A question. If a player is ejected does he not have to leave the field of play? On the TD scored by Joseph both of the Riders ejected players were outside the locker room. Is that not another penalty?

Joseph also threw a couple haymakers is that not an automatic ejection?

What is KJ supposed to do..sit there and let Tiller freak out...HE WAS DOWN and the play should have been over. Joseph has every right to protect himself and he was on his back so he did what he had to. It evens out when 3 sask players got kicked for no good reason anyways..